3 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Change Our Lifestyle In Nigeria


The Internet Of Things is one of the latest tech trends in the world and its quite new in Nigeria. You need to have a very wild and imaginative mind to really understand what I mean in this post. IOT will really change how we live in Nigeria in many ways. Unfortunately, the only setback is the lack of steady electricity but if your house is powered by solar energy its quite possible to achieve all this. I also recommend you use a strong 4G network.

Most of the IOT devices require a WiFi Router and if you really want to enjoy your devices you can get an assistant that can control the devices. There's Google Home And Amazon Alexa. I haven't tested out Google Home out but I've tested the Amazon Alexa and it works quite well here in Nigeria.

Home Security

Let's say you went to work in Lekki and someone breaks into your home at Ikorodu, there are IOT powered cameras that can be placed at several parts of your home that can send alerts of what's happening within your home straight to your phone. An example of one of these cameras is the Nest Cam IQ. When the Nest Cam IQ spots a person, it automatically zooms in and follows that individual as he or she walks across the room, at the same time also keeping the full 130-degree picture in view.

You can zoom 12x on any specific area. It has intelligent audio alerts as well and will notify you when it hears the sound of a dog or a person's voice. If you want to keep an eye on your kids while at work you can still use the Nest Cam IQ as it has a built-in audio feature that lets you talk to your kids from the camera. There's also the Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Kit it comes with different sensors, including a door sensor that sends an alert to your phone once the door is opened. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Home is available in Nigeria while the Nest Cam can be ordered from Amazon.

Helping With Chores

I don't really recommend constant use of IOT devices for this right now if you have kids. It'll probably make them grow up to be lazy.
If you're too lazy to do some chores, you could just talk to Alexa or send a command from your smartphone and it'll tell your smart vacuum cleaner to clean up the whole house.

There's also the smart fridge and air condition. You can ask your assistant to turn on the A.C or turn off the fridge. It can also turn on the water heater. The possibilities are endless. i-Robot's Roomba vacuum cleaner and most General Electric's IOT powered products are compatible with the Amazon Alexa.


Let's say you're inviting a girl over to your new place and you want to leave her speechless, IOT powered devices would do that comfortably. You can simply walk into your home and tell Alexa or the Mi Smart Home to change the color of the lights, dim the lights or you can simply send a command from your phone.

You can even use Alexa or your smartphone with Anymote to control your home theater system. You can just ask it to turn it on and it'll do just that. Let's say the sun is too bright and its really hot, you can still tell Alexa to close the curtains. You'll need smart curtains for this. I think Google home can turn on the Playstation 4 as well but I will be writing that down in another post . I'd bet you she'll be shocked.(that's of course if she isn't a Techie). The fun part about the Amazon Echo (Alexa) is that you can have as many echo units as you like but only the one closest to you would answer to your commands.

Now lets look at 4 things you'll be able to eliminate the use from your home with IOT so far although not completely.

1.The need of a broom.(95%). (well not completely, there's nothing like Alexa kill the cockroach or Alexa spray "otapiapia" on the rat 😎).
2. The need of a House Maid (85%) (you can use a smart microwave for cooking, smart washing machine for your clothes
3.The need of a remote control (90%)
4.The need of a bulb (smart bulbs ti take over 😂😂)

Here are the ones I think should be available in Nigeria. You can google up the rest.
Links -

Amazon Echo - Order

Xiaomi Mi Home Toolkit - Order

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