Whatsapp Rumor Stirs Up Trouble, Causes Mob To Kill Seven People


You know whatsapp rumors aren't new in Nigeria. Although they're annoying but they're certainly not enough to cause anyone to go on rampage here but it was a quite different story in India.

A mob of over 500 people in Jharkhand, India killed seven people in two violent attacks.

The attack was stirred up by a rumor circulating on WhatsApp. The rumor said that strangers were abducting children in Jharkhand. The next day , Mobs descended on innocent men who happened to be in the area.

According to the police, the rumor was completely false as no child abductions have been reported recently but it wouldn’t have still justified the crowd’s actions even if it were true. “They knew they were taking the law into their hands, and instead of turning them over to the police, they killed them ".

Police authorities are still trying to trace the person who started the rumor. This is just an example of how Whatsapp rumors can cause trouble. To the best of my knowledge, rumors wouldn't even move a fly in Nigeria but once in a while they can cause a whole lot of problems. I know a couple of people who fell for the salt rumor during the ebola outbreak . I know what you're thinking. Don't ask me if I bathed salt.

I will not tell you. Don't assume...

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