Intel Vs AMD Processors : Which Processor Is Better?


A Good computer processor ( ) guarantees limitless opportunities. You can learn new things, upgrade your skills, enjoy your favorite content, or do everything simultaneously. All you need is just to answer one simple question: Intel or AMD which one is better?

To choose the right one, you should consider the pros and cons of both processors. As demonstrated by real experiences, it is possible to evaluate strong and weak points only after using both.

Intel Processors

Guarantees fast operation of currently running applications;
Supports wider selection of games and apps and specifically optimized for each;
Low power consumption;
Good cooperation between CPU and operational memory;
Fast functioning on high clockspeed;
and stability.

However, users should also remember that each time there's a complete change of platform every time a new model comes out, there are higher requirements for the cooling system, lack of multitasking, and higher prices.

Meanwhile, AMD..
Offers affordable price;
Functionality balance;
Easy to find alternative solutions;
Ability to run 4 powerful apps simultaneously;
Very stable with overclocking potential.

Still, AMD processors often have to survive in aggressive environment, as the majority of games and apps are written for Intel. Thus, power consumption is higher, and additional cooling system is often required. Cooperation with operational memory is also worse compared to the primer described type.

Nevertheless, it is complicated to make a final decision based on the schematic evidence. The best solution is testing, but the final choice depends on whether you are looking for a processor for office, gaming, multimedia, personal or other computer.

The question of AMD vs Intel Processors remains controversial, and only one thing is clear: whether you are going to purchase primer or latter, the best CPU price in Nigeria is on Jiji the place, where good processor is not hard to find. Check out to make sure right now!

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