5 Things Nigerian Bloggers Should Stop Doing


Blogging is basically meant to be a platform that lets people express themselves and write posts in a style that it unique to them. It provides a platform to let more people know what you think about a particular topic or an event. I've compared a lot of foreign blogs to the ones we have here in Nigeria and I must say that 80% of Nigerian blogs shouldn't be existing at all. Anyone who just has a domain and access to a computer or smartphone now have the effrontery to address themselves as bloggers. Here are some things that I think every Nigerian blogger should stop doing : -

1. Posting False News Reports

The entertainment bloggers are always guilty of this. How will a farmer take his chickens to market in a bus and we end up seeing stories like - Passengers turn to fowl at Ketu Market. It's appalling. I'm a blogger and I understand that blogging is very competitive, especially when you're on the entertainment niche but if you must post news that you are not sure about make sure you let your readers know that the news story is unverified yet and tell them to check back later to see if you have verified the news. This leaves a mark of credibility on your blog. Bloggers should learn to differentiate themselves from journalists. Your blog is your Circus, your posts are your clowns, you decide what happens there. If you decide to loose readers because of false news stories, the ball is in your court. Bloggers that want to build a brand never compromise on the value of the content they let people read on their blog.
It's unfortunate that the bloggers in question allow money cloud their judgment and they're focused on only their Google AdSense earnings.

2. Getting Involved In Unnecessary Controversies :

Controversies are essential in blogging but it has a certain limit. Let's take my blog for example, if you go through my blog you'll see some controversial topics like MMM being a scam, Android being better than iOS and more recently, Social Media Ruining the future. Now, these are topics that stir up conversations and a little controversy. I got bashed by a few people for each the 3 topics. The MMM post had over 100 comments and almost 80% were insults, but the fun part of it is that I still got away with my head on my shoulders. The essence of the example I just gave here is this - When you want to write a controversial topic or article, make sure it will not end up ruining the lives of others. If you decide to write a post that'll get you into trouble because you didn't have enough facts to backup your claims, it's your ball game. Get ready to enjoy the ride. I know many people who look up to Linda Ikeji. Yeah, I know she's got involved in a couple of controversies but most of them could have been well avoided. Be controversial but don't go off limits.

3. Making Posts That Are Not Readable

I believe that before anyone decides to start blogging, the person must have adequate knowledge of English language before writing a post. Quite a number of Nigerian blogs proudly show off tons of unreadable content to a ghost audience. I'm pretty sure nobody wastes his time to go through their blogs. Their blogs are an embarrassment to blogging. They can't even write one sentence without causing catastrophic reactions in the mind of anyone who tries to scan through their content. If I had my way, I'd request that the Queen of England ban them from typing a single word in English.

4. Posting Unnecessary Topics / Articles

There's a limit to the kind of posts readers should be seeing on blogs depending on the niche. The most abused verb that Nigerian entertainment bloggers use in their headlines these days is "spotted". Let's take a look at MediaTakeOut and TMZ, these are two American Entertainment Blogs, there's a huge difference when you see "spotted" there and when you see it on a typical Nigerian Entertainment Blog. Pictures of most American celebrities are usually taken in secret by paparazzi and they end up becoming headlines, even the celeb in question will be shocked to see the picture online. In Nigeria, someone will post a picture on Instagram and bloggers will automatically start spotting. Unless there's something awkward you found in the picture, don't use the verb "spot". If the picture was taken without their notice then you can say you spotted the celeb with someone or doing something. Also some posts are not even worthy to be used as headlines.

5. Copying People's Content Without Linking back.

I know a couple of blogs that have been copying my posts but at least try to give me credit for this one. Mbok, Abeg, Biko.. I'll beg you in any language including Chinese.
Its quite unfortunate that a lot of Nigerian Bloggers just keep copying and pasting content from other people's blogs without even giving a simple link back to the original post. If CTRL+C never existed, many Nigerian bloggers will not exist. I think the plagiarism of other people's content is because there's no central body that charge of the affairs of blogging and online publishing in Nigeria. When you copy a post just try to give the original author credit for the past.

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