The PWN Phone - The Smartphone Made For Hackers - See Specifications and How To Make Yours


The Pwn Phone is a Pwnieexpress Device. It runs on LG Nexux 5 hardware and is powered by a Debian version of Kali Linux, developed by Pwnieexpress, named Pwnix. It is a very powerful penetration testing device which has 2 Gb RAM, 16 GB ROM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.3 GHz quad core CPU and a high-performance GPU Adreno 330, 450 MHz. It supports dual band external wireless card and includes more than 100 open source penetration testing tools like mdk3, tshark, wifite, metasploit and many more.

Core Features

High performance CPU/GPU, HD display, powerful battery

External high-gain 802.11b/g/n wireless
supporting packet injection & monitor mode

External high-gain Bluetooth supporting packet injection (up to 1000′)

External USB-Ethernet adapter for wired network pentesting

Custom Android front-end with One-Touch

Pentesting apps, including Evil AP, Strings Watch, Full-Packet Capture, Bluetooth Scan, & SSL Strip
Custom Kali Linux back-end with comprehensive pentesting suite, including Metasploit, SET, Kismet, Aircrack-NG, SSLstrip, Ettercap-NG, Bluelog, Wifite, Reaver, MDK3, & FreeRADIUS-WPE

One-Touch in-product updates keeps your toolkit up to date with the click of a button

6 different covert channels to tunnel through application-aware firewalls & IPS

Unlocked 4G/LTE GSM (SIM card not included)

Includes USB OTG cable (for USB host-mode)
Includes protective hard-shell case

So now the penetration testing device could be in your pocket, thanks to Pwnieexpress.

But it's quite Expensive though - $1095 dollars - about N390,000. You could check out the store for it or you can follow the instructions on their website to create your own hacking phone - Note : You may brick your device if you don't follow the instructions there carefully and I won't be responsible for anything that occurs to your device -> Build Your Own Hacking Phone
Or you could just check the store.

Check Store

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