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iPhone 8 Allegedly Knocks Out The Galaxy S8 In New Geekbench Leak



The iPhone 8 is going to be a beast when it comes to the performance of its chipset. A leaked screenshot surfaced in China claiming depict the results obtained by the iPhone 8 after running Geekbench 4.0.

iPhone 8 Allegedly Knocks Out The Galaxy S8 In New Geekbench Leak 1

If you take a look at the screenshot above and you’re a benchmark fanatic you already know what those numbers mean: the iPhone 8 has absolutely destroyed the competition including the S8.

First, its single-core score of 4,537 is 30% better than the iPhone 7. Coming to it’s closest competitor, the closest any of those has come is the Galaxy S8 with 1,945 . So the iPhone 8’s performance is extremely good in this metric.

The iPhone 8’s multi-core score is 8,975, which is 58% better than its predecessor’s. The Android device that’s scored the best here so far is the Galaxy S8+ with 6,338. That means the next iPhone performs 41% better than its most important Android-based competitor.

Before you start feeling like

iPhone 8 Allegedly Knocks Out The Galaxy S8 In New Geekbench Leak 2

I think you should know something.

Benchmarks are not necessarily an indicative of real-world experience, at least not fully. So don’t take this to mean that the iPhone 8 will automatically be that much better than the S8 duo in day-to-day tasks. However, these results prove that Apple’s focus on creating the most powerful mobile chipsets hasn’t taken a hit over the past year or so, while developing the iPhone 8.

Also note that it’s not impossible to fake such a screenshot – it’s very easy in fact. So by all means, don’t take any of this for granted.

Anyway, if I choose to believe the leaked image, it’ll mean that hat the iPhone 8 will come with a screen resolution of 2,800×1,242, which makes up for an incredibly odd 20.2:9 or 2.25:1 aspect ratio. And that’s even taller than the 18.5:9 Samsung went with for its S8.

The prototype in question will run on iOS 11 as you’d expect, and it identifies itself as “iPhone 10,6” – for comparison, the iPhone 7 is “iPhone 9,1”. The A11 chipset that powers the new model has a 2.74 GHz quad-core CPU, and 128KB of L1 cache. The iPhone 7’s A10 Fusion only goes up to 2.34 GHz, so some of the performance differences between these are coming from the fact that the clock speed has been increased by 17%.

Michael Ajah is a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. He loves RnB and a little mix of Trap Music. An awesome tech reviewer and analyst. Email - [email protected]

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Vivo S5 will have a very peculiar triple rear camera, reveals official image



iPhone 8 Allegedly Knocks Out The Galaxy S8 In New Geekbench Leak 3

We are just a week from the official presentation of Vivo S5, the next mid-range smartphone to be launched by the brand. Now, an official image published on the Chinese social network Weibo, has confirmed several details about the design of this smartphone.

According to the picture, the Vivo S5 will come with a rear ‘quad-chamber’, centred on the rear panel with a diamond shaped module. In addition, it will come with a small punch-hole in its screen, where the front camera will be embedded.


Vivo S5 has confirmed design on the official poster

In the diamond-shaped module, three of its four cameras are integrated, and the LED flash. The fourth chamber is positioned immediately below the ‘protrusion’.

In the front panel, we can confirm that you will not have a notch on the screen by choosing a small punch-hole in the upper right corner, where your front camera will be embedded.

Although visible, their margins appear to be quite thin, ensuring an immersive user experience. In addition, an AMOLED screen is confirmed as an on-screen fingerprint reader is present.

Alleged Vivo S5 Specifications

Although not officially confirmed by the manufacturer, certification of the smartphone at TENAA agency eventually revealed the main details about its hardware.

  • 6.44 “inch AMOLED display with Full HD + resolution
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 Processor
  • Up to 8GB of RAM
  • Up to 256GB of internal memory
  • Four rear cameras: 48MP + 8MP (ultra wide-angle) + 5MP (depth) + 2MP (macro)
  • 32-megapixel front camera
  • 4,010mAh battery
  • Android 9 (not confirmed)

Regarding its price, there is no information yet. Still, it is expected to arrive at a competitive price, which could possibly be around € 250.

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Vivo announces Exynos processor smartphone with 5G connection up to 3.55Gbps



iPhone 8 Allegedly Knocks Out The Galaxy S8 In New Geekbench Leak 4

Vivo presented today during an event in China, its new smartphone Vivo X30. This smartphone stands out thanks to the presence of the Exynos 980 processor, the first to support dual-mode 5G (SA / NSA). Support for both 5G ‘bands’ will allow you to achieve better performance with regard to mobile internet speed and stability.

In fact, the manufacturer promises impressive performance at speeds up to 3.55Gbps using 5G networks. As for the choice of the Exynos 980 processor, they had little choice, as this is the only chip in production that supports dual-mode 5G.

Unfortunately, during the announcement of the Vivo X30, the manufacturer did not disclose any further information about its specifications. It was just revealed that it will be marketed during December in China. They have also confirmed that it will reach several European markets that already have a stable 5G network.

Alleged Vivo X30 Specifications

Even though official information about the specifications of the Vivo X30 has not been revealed, there are already several leaks and rumors about this smartphone. So we already have a good idea of ​​what you can offer users.

The Vivo X30 should come with a 6.5 “inch Super AMOLED display with Full HD + resolution, 90Hz refresh rate and built-in fingerprint reader. The Exynos 980 processor will be supported by up to 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of internal memory.

iPhone 8 Allegedly Knocks Out The Galaxy S8 In New Geekbench Leak 5


In the photographic segment, this smartphone will not disappoint either. It is believed that it will have a total of four cameras on its rear panel: 64MP + 13MP + 8MP + 2MP. Dedicated to selfies, will be a 32MP front camera.

It was also revealed that it will have a generous 4,500mAh battery with support for charging at 30W / 22.5W.

Despite being a mid-range smartphone (thanks to its processor), the Vivo X30 should have quite impressive specifications. As for its price, it is believed to be between € 410 and € 460.

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