WhatsApp Snapchat Like Update Goes Global - What You Should Know


Some time ago Mark Zuckerberg wanted to buy Snap Inc (the company that owns Snapchat) for about $3 billion but his buyout offer was refused.

A while after that we started seeing snap chat like updates on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Facebook and now the latest on the list is Whatsapp. The messaging app which has over a billion users will certainly get Snapchat worried. The latest update is the Whatsapp status which is similar to the Disappearing Stories on Instagram and Snapchat.

Snapchat Fans looking at Mark Zuckerberg like -

Here are a few things you should know about the update

1. The status disappears after 24 hours
2.You can check who viewed your status and the number of times it was viewed
3.You can use GIFs, Videos and Pictures
4. The GIF that was placed in the emoji box is apparently missing. They may have ommited it purposely or may add it l
5.Any status you view is automatically saved to your phone. This means you can view the status offline once you've viewed it once. As you can see in the screenshot below. The download option shows so basically no matter how many times you view a particular status, your data is only used when you watch it for the first time.

6.You can reply to the person's status update

7.You can choose who can view your status in your privacy settings

8.You can scroll through a status by tapping the screen while viewing.

More Screenshots

I'm a little bit worried about the data usage and storage space though. Since the status disappears after 24 hours, possibly the videos will be deleted after 24 hours. The status videos are stored in a hidden folder ".Statuses" in the Whatsapp folder.

However if you want to save someone's status you can simply set your file manager
to show hidden folders then open the folder for Whatsapp : Whatsapp > Media > .Statuses.

Then copy it to any part of your memory card. Do not move it. That's it for the New Whatsapp Status Updates.

Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg -

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