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Twitter Hits Trolls With Massive Weapon : The Timeout

Nobody likes trolls but some people really find it amusing to troll on others. Trolls will have something to face as Twitter, the micro blogging platform has recently introduced a new weapon to combat trolls on its network: The Timeout

Trolls Will Be Feeling Like

Just last week, Twitter just rolled out a new feature to detect trolls by spotting abusive behavior from user accounts. When abuse is suspected, Twitter reduces the number of people who can see that person’s tweets for a pre-determined period of time. 

Only people who actively follow an account will be able to see its tweets while the account remains in timeout. That will prevent nasty messages from appearing in the timeline and notifications of anybody who doesn't explicitly want to see tweets from the timed-out user.

The initial round of timeouts seem to all be 12 hours in length. It’s not clear if Twitter will use other time constraints of shorter and longer durations, or if 12 hours will be the standard.

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Twitter Hits Trolls With Massive Weapon : The Timeout Twitter Hits Trolls With Massive Weapon : The Timeout Reviewed by Michael Ajah on Saturday, February 18, 2017 Rating: 5

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