10 Reasons Why You Aren't Getting New Opportunities From Your Blog

Blogging is Fun but sometimes bloggers have issues with getting reasonable amount of cash from their blogs. Here are a few things that I think makes you not to earn anything excluding traffic -

1. No Goal Or Purpose For The Blog

Your blog does not have anything in specific to offer? No product, service, tutorial, or whatsoever? Why does the blog even exist?

2.You Just Don’t Like Your Blog

You probably have a blog with a niche but do you really have passion for your niche at first? Do you even think of blogging as fun? If not you shouldn't have even started.

3. You Are Too Proud.
Your blog content and the design is good. Your grammar is up to par. Now you don’t listen to corrections. You think they are a waste of time to you. How can you progress?

4. You Are Resistant.
Someone asks if he could use your blog to help his, but you refused. Now you just let opportunities pass by.

5. You Are Too Lazy And Procrastinate

You got a superb idea for your blog but you prefer playing games or spending too much time replying Whatsapp messages . Should you expect any progress?

6. You Are Not Responsive.
When somebody asks a question, or somebody drops a comment you may not like to hear, but you don't even make out time to reply.

7. You Value Quantity Over Quality.
You always keep posting new content to your blog for the sake of number, so that there’ll be ‘many posts ’ for your visitors? They may get what they are looking for but they might not come back.

8. You Have Not Yet Been A Guest Writer.
I guest post on Naij.com and it really helps a lot.
Have you tried guest posting ? Try it by posting content to other blogs with good ranks, and the results will turn back good on you.

9.You Stopped Discovering And Making Research.

Aside from listening to news and updates about what you are into (niche), you should also discover new tools and features that will boost your performance together with your blog: yes, there’re always fresh ideas.

10. You Are Inconsistent.
Sometimes you post just one article a day, and sometimes 20, and then none. You have a great-looking blog, but you are not satisfied, so you do redesign it like once a week. Haba! He will you move forward

I l drop my pen at this point

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