The Rise Of Influencer Marketing In 2017


As traditional advertising outlets like television and print become less effective (due to declining viewership and readership) and more consumers turn to social media channels like Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat for entertainment, news, and information (especially for advice regarding purchasing decisions),but there are limitations with online advertising, Adblocking adoption rate grew by 51% in 2016 also polls indicate that consumers perceive sponsored Ads as biased and annoying. FlyDigital offers brands a way to target consumers that boycotts all the previous limitations, by leveraging the large, engaged audiences of top and middle social media influencers we are able to instigate word of mouth marketing and virility for our Clients.

How Is an Influencer Marketing Agency Different Than Other Agencies?

While many social media marketing, digital, creative, or PR agencies may offer influencer marketing services as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, only dedicated influencer marketing agencies are focused solely on (and thus have expertise in) marketing with social media influencers. Several different influencer marketing platforms, types of software, and tools also exist that help brands connect with social media stars, but unless brands understand the nuances of influencer marketing, uninitiated marketers may have difficulty utilizing these tools as effectively as possible.

Why your Brand should work with an Influencer Marketing Agency

Software that helps brands identify influencers and influencer marketing platforms can all be useful when used as part of a larger influencer marketing strategy. As software, these tools have shortcomings and limitations. To help brands achieve campaign success and reach their predetermined marketing goals, FlyDigital being a full-service influencer marketing Agency have:
· Identified high-performing influencers with consistent track records of creating successful social media marketing campaigns.

· Developed a relationship with and can provide access to the top social media influencers.

· Gained expertise on maximizing campaigns across multiple

· Experience creating campaigns across all or multiple advertiser categories (i.e consumer packaged goods, automotive, technology, fashion, subscription services, gaming, home & garden, and more)

For companies interested in launching an influencer marketing campaign, please visit their website or email them at [email protected]

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