Reader's VoxPop - PES VS FIFA : Which One Is Better?

In the world of gaming, Pro Evolution Soccer by Konami and FIFA by EA Sports are the two top soccer games.

There has always been that intense rivalry. Fans of each game can argue till eternity to make sure they win the argument for their favorite soccer game.

On this edition of VoxPop, I decided to get into the hot seat and know which game is actually better.  This Post is going to have 2 sections. The first one is the poll so you can still make your vote.  The second one is the part where other gamers expressed their opinions. You can also drop your comments below. I'll really appreciate your contribution .

Poll : Fifa Vs Pes

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Which Game Is Better? PES or FIFA


What Gamers Had To Say

Michael Akande

Bio - Michael is  a graduate of Economics at Federal University LokojaKogi State. a serving Corp member and CEO of

PES is better than FIFA owing to the following reasons:
1. PES has a more matured and near-reality player graphics compared to fifa.
2. Control of the players on the pitch also looks real unlike Fifa where one can score goals at some definite points.
3.  Lags are less in  PES and can run more smoothly on some low-end Pcs

Aranya Kumar Bal

Bio : Kumar is an fps specialist..He once held rank 4 in his regional tournament of CS 1.6 and also has interests in other fields also like open world and sports games ...

Once we start comparing every FIFA game to its  counterpart  PES, there is one thing we find for sure and that is ; the graphics are highly customised with lots of details in FIFA which is quite absent in PES. It was most visible in the 2014 editions.

Bugs have always been on the same level on both games.

But I hope every gamer will at least believe in the fact that PES is more realistic than FIFA.

To support my  last point you can check the 2017 editions.

In FIFA, all shots targeted towards the goal are directly on goal.Even from mid field, right-wing , left-wing, wherever. So 59% of the field has a target range to goal. That's not realistic at all.

Whereas in PES, It's very realistic to the point that the actual 22% goal target range is intact just like in real life

And to top it all...


So personally, I am in favour of PES 17 than FIFA 17.

Mba Emmanuel Covenant

Bio -Emmanuel  is a student of the University Of Port Harcourt. He's studying Linguistics and communication studies.

Personally, I think both PES and FIFA are good
but when it comes to Champions League and Classic football, PES takes it.
But FIFA has more leagues than pes,FIFA even has female football teams which is the first ever.
So both are good.


I prefer PES because you can score scoring of goals outside the 18 box and carrying players along when running with the ball.

Jide Ezeh

Bio : Jude is a 400 Level Electrical Engineering student of A.B.U Zaria. Ceo of dnetworker Blog ( and and Arsenal fan.

Fifa is way better than Pes. Fifa is more realistic, more techniques and tactics are really applied.
Pes is easier though and can be easily played on most average PCs

Anna-Bel Gam

Bio: Anna Is A 200L Computer Science Student Of Uniport. (University Of Port Harcourt).

Fifa is better because Its more realistic,has more real life attributes and its tough... More competitive than PES.


PES is easier but Fifa is tougher and better.
In FIFA, when it comes to gameplay, pad feeling and the movement of the player its equal, the control of the pad and the player is almost equal. But that of PES is easier.

You've seen what they have to say but this list is not complete without your opinion and mine as well....

So here's my favorite game :

Hehe.. Some vintage soccer.. You'll certainly remember this game..

I'm kidding though..

Basically, I think Fifa is better on Android while PES is better on consoles..

It's the Vox Pop.. Make sure you leave a comment and share this post as well... Have a wonderful day.

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