Razer's New Laptop Has Three 4K Screens And May Cost More Than A Decently Used Car


It's been a few years since Razer brought something really crazy to CES.

This time Razer just blew the doors off its R&D department for CES 2017 with the reveal of Project Valerie, or “the first automated triple-display laptop.” Take a look:

Aside from the 3  displays, it’s essentially a Blade Pro. It has the same GTX 1080, same Razer-designed low-profile mechanical switches, and the same Chroma lighting.

It's heavier , however. It's 1.5 inches thick (or approximately two Blade Pros stacked) and weighs about 10 to 12 pounds, so you'll probably not want to be taking this laptop everywhere. This is a true desktop-replacement material.


All three displays are exactly what you can find on the Blade Pro: a 17.3-inch 4K IGZO display with G-Sync. When stowed away, the two side displays retract into slots behind the main display. They slide out from those hideaways when deployed, automatically positioning and aligning correctly with the main screen, thanks to some help from nifty robot hinges.


It's a really crazy idea. It’s not the first multi-screen laptop though. There's the Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds, and there’s the gScreen Spacebook  from 2011. But  three displays is certainly a new one, and  more especially three displays of this quality..

Expect Valerie to cost more than a decent used car. The Blade Pro already costs a $3,700 with prices ranging up to $4,500—without  robot arms. 

Razer also hasn't said anything about battery life yet. A battery takes a hit for every pixel it powers, so the jump from a 1080p screen to 4K means a laptop dies faster. Another jump from 4K to 12K? You might as well not even have a battery. Considering the Blade Pro already includes the largest battery allowed on airplanes (99WHr) and only gets 3 to 4 hours, you’d better have an outlet on hand for Project Valerie.


A three-screen laptop! With robot arms! The best aspect of Razer’s out-there designs is they still always seem so plausible, like they’re ten years away--a dream you can glimpse over the horizon.

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