Need Extra Security? Here's A Smart Padlock With A Fingerprint Scanner



If there's one thing I love about CES, it's the fact that you get to see a lot of different new devices from many startups and companies.

Padlocks are basically one of the most primitive pieces of tech available, they’ve been in use since the onset of the Roman Era. This is the 21st century and many of the devices we now hold most dear are the ones lined with Bluetooth, NFC, and intuitive fingerprint technology. BenjiLock knows this, and is looking to add the padlock with a bit of modern functionality.

The Los Angeles startup unveiled this device at CES on Tuesday night, giving onlookers a look at what is essentially a traditional padlock equipped with fingerprint technology. The rechargeable, stainless-steel device supports up to four distinct fingerprints and saves them in an encrypted chip, allowing users to easily crack open the 7-pin device with a finger of their own choosing. Although it isn’t the first time I've seen such technology in a padlock - TappLock? — but it’s nice to see other companies adding a mobile staple into their products.

Impressively , the BenjiLock can last a year on a single charge. It also comes with a set of physical keys, just in case you’re having trouble with the fingerprint reader, the device runs out of battery, or you just  need someone to unlock it when you’re not around. If someone attempts to unlock it without your approval, the device will automatically wipe your info and require keys. The range of colors (sky white, jet black, brass, copper, and stainless steel) are just an added plus aimed at those who scoff at the prototype’s gloss-white exterior.

The BenjiLock is will be released in the third quarter of 2017 for $80.

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