It Actually Happened : Google Was Just Hacked The Second Time


When I first saw this online, I was really wondering how true it was until I saw a video confirming this report.

Google Hacked!!!
This is not actually the first time a Google page is being hacked. In December, a group of Pakistani hackers took out the Google Bangladesh website with the same DNS redirection exploit. As expected Google sprung into action to fix this.

A lone hacker managed to hack the Google Brazil domain and deface it for about 30 minutes. According to reports, the hacker, who uses the name, ‘Kuroi’SH’, managed to post messages celebrating his exploit on the Google Brazil home page.

For about 30 minutes on Tuesday evening, users of Google in Brazil were greeted by a message announcing the hack by ‘Kuroi’SH. News of the successful hack immediately went viral in Brazil, with fresh claims that the hacker had also succeeded in defacing other major domains emerging.

‘It is a great moment to die. Two Google at once. I don’t even care,’ the hacker wrote on the Google Brazil domain page. The message continued with some pretty hard words.

According to the hacker the term he used ‘two Google at once,’  indicated that he had successfully hacked the Google domains for Brazil and Paraguay. The hacker indicated that although he had successfully defaced the Google domain for Paraguay, he did not have the time to upload the defaced homepage. It is still not clear if the hacker had successfully defaced the Google domain name for Paraguay as well.

It apparently seems that the hacker was not sponsored by any form of high ideals, as many would expect.

‘It was meant to show that everything can be hacked and that we should take our security issues very seriously,’ he said.

This just comes in a period when it appears that hackers are increasingly targeting high-value domains for fun. A few weeks ago, a group of Pakistani hackers  ‘TeaM Pak', managed to hack the Google domain for Bangladesh . The hackers then uploaded a defaced page filled with pro-Pakistani messages and indicating that everyone is vulnerable to such attacks.

In the case of Google Brazil case, the company was quick to point out that it had not been hacked.

‘DNS servers may have suffered an attack, redirecting to other sites,’ it posted.

However, there were also unverified reports which indicated that the hacker may have also managed to deface Google Translate and Google Maps domain. However, these reports were not  verified. Also, the Google Brazil homepage was restored almost immediately news of the hacking started spreading.

Here's the Video Demonstration :

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