5 Kinds Of Posts That Can Boost Your Blog Traffic


"Traffic". The very word that defines whether your blog will be successful or be an inconsequential failure.  I officially started blogging at 17, and I must say that the first year was really tough especially in the terms of traffic.

At first I normally got about 8,000 views monthly, I felt satisfied but I decided to move out of my comfort zone and push myself so hard to get extra traffic and build a strong reputation.

I can easily relate to the feeling when you post and you don't get enough views and you feel like you're not doing enough. I've made a post previously on how bloggers can get extra traffic on their blogs but this time I'll be highlighting the types of content that'll get your posts a very good traffic boost.

Basically, if you are trying to increase your traffic, it all depends on the content you are publishing on your blog. If you don’t have good articles as your foundation, then  building high-quality backlinks and getting high traffic won’t last for long.

But if you have very educative and informative articles published on your blog, you will certainly get high traffic for a long, long time without putting in so much effort.

These types of content will relatively help you increase the traffic of any site or blog, provided that you make the best posts .

1. List Posts

This type of content attracts lots of visitors each month. These kind of posts can be of any type – Top facts , Recommended Ways , etc. but if the topic is quite interesting, you should see an increase in your traffic in a few days. List posts always get shared a lot on social media sites and are linked back a lot so you will get social and referral traffic as well as a lot of backlinks.

2. Resource Posts

Resource posts bring traffic and backlinks from different sources.

When publishing resource posts keep in mind that any site or product you mention in the post should be working. It would be better if you  personally check all those products and sites and see if they are working before adding to the post.

Though it will surely take some extra time but it will be definitely worth it when people appreciate your efforts.

3. Tutorials and How-to Guides

Tutorials and how-to posts can increase your traffic considerably.
You have to search for problems that a lot of people are facing and put yourself in that situation and apply some solutions to solve the problem. When you are writing a post on “ how to take backup of your blogspot blog ”, you have to actually take a backup and show it to your readers using images and screenshots.

If your readers are facing any problems then you will be able to solve them immediately because you too have performed the same thing and you know which problems will come up and which ones won’t.

So if you are good at solving problems, then writing tutorials on your blog will attract a lot of visitors.

4. Interviews & Stories

Another way to increase traffic to your blog currently is by conducting interviews of experts.
I've done quite a number of interviews on my blog and it gets a lot of views.

The reason for this is simple – I get new visitors . But when you choose a topic , like say link building tactics , and you bring in 50-60 top SEO experts to share their views on it and their personal link building strategies then you will see a huge surge in traffic, social shares and an increase in your own followers.

Videos are amazing and many people  love videos! If given a chance to read a 1000-word long post and watching a 4-minute video explaining everything that you mentioned in the post, people will most likely choose to go with the video.

YouTube and Vimeo get massive  traffic and the chances are high that your videos will also receive amazing views and in return send traffic to your blog.

I would really love to know your views about the post and also your experiences and results. Happy Blogging!

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