What 18 Months Of Tech Blogging Has Taught Me (Must Read)


Everyone and everything has a story. I want to use this opportunity to share my experience with you.  It's been a tough but fruitful journey. I'll start from the very beginning so you can understand this story.

How I Started

I started using computers at the age of 8, and I love anything related to Tech and Gadgets. I always dreamt of owning a website and making it become popular.

I designed my first website with wapka and it took me about 3 months to even get it done because i didn't have any knowledge of html.

To be honest the first blog was a mess at first but after I got to know about CSS. I began to pick interest in web design. At this point in time, I never knew there was a way to earn money from a website. All I wanted was a platform to express myself.

With the web design knowledge i had gotten from wapka, I moved to blogger. Designing my blog was as easy as ABC because wapka already gave me the required knowledge. I opened a news blog but it didn't go well so I decided to move to my area of expertise. Tech.


Tech Blogging is very challenging,  I guess this is because most people who come to tech blogs are usually people who need a solution to a certain tech related problem and in order to keep their trust, you have to try to help them out unlike the entertainment blogs where its almost unnecessary for the blogger to respond to comments.

You don't just wake up one day and say you want to open a tech blog. If you have no knowledge about gadgets and technology, I'll advise you stay in entertainment.

Another challenge is writing phone reviews, this is the part that can really get frustrating for any serious minded tech blogger.

In order to keep up with the trends, I have to read the reviews of another blog to write my own reviews. I think this is because I'm not based in Lagos as most companies prefer to send phones to bloggers that are based there. Apart from the device I received from Obi Worldphones via Invicta Africa and devices I've used myself or requested from friends, for any other review I get details from different blogs then compare it before writing my own reviews but I guess it may be quite different if I get to more devices to review as I have my own view of things.

Tech Blogging has helped me work with quite a number of brands, Invicta Africa, Obi World Phones, JiJi, etc. in just  a Year.

What I've Learnt So Far

1.Running a Tech Blog Alone Is Very Stressful

2.Keeping Partnership With Brands Is Very Important

3.Tech Blogs Tend To Earn More Than Entertainment blogs

4.Affiliate Marketing Favors Tech Blogs more.

5.Having a good relationship with your audience on social media helps a lot

6.Being controversial once in a while helps but avoid getting into trouble or posting anything that will ruin your reputation

7.As a Tech Blogger, remember you're not just there to make your money, you're also there to help people. Never neglect your audience.

8. Don't chase potential advertisers away with high costs of advertising.

9. Sometimes schedule posts and take a few days off. Even people working at top tech blogs like TechCrunch get days off.

10. Reduce blogging stress by using an RSS FEED Reader.

That's my story.  What's yours?  I'd like to know.

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