VoxPop :Nigerian Ladies Talk About What Annoys Them On Social Media (2)


This is the continuation of our VoxPop Questions,

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Esther Isaac
Actually what I'd say I don't like about social media is the fact that it takes a lot of data.

Arabella Favour
What I don't like about social media is when someone plagiarizes another person's status update. (Copy & Paste)

Precious Momoh
What I really don't like about social media are Bullies,  they're really annoying, it hurts most of the times when I see a post where a person is intentionally bullying someone. I understand that its a platform and if you want no one would know who you really are but do they seriously have to go around bullying innocent people, I have not actually known what it feels like to be bullied cos people who tried didn't expect what came next, the wonderful situation became marvelous, because it always turns around and I became the bully, not that I really am. I just want to ask, why do people come online just to bully other people???

Gift Olom
What annoys me on social media  are unnecessary comments and insults

Amanda Amaka
What really annoys me on social networks is when someone posts an ugly picture with the hashtag #softwork and also when some people tag a whole lot of people to their pictures/posts but end up getting 10likes in a month. its pretty annoying.

Sandra Messy Lambert
What annoys me on social media is when someone posts something that can never happen and tells you to type Amen, like and share.

Something like: " Your room will be filled with money tomorrow morning, if you believe like, share and type Amen"

Uduak Ansa
What annoys me on social media is when someone comments rubbish on my posts or updates and also when people post irrelevant stuffs and pictures.

Maureen Williams
What annoys me on social media is when someone tags me to a stupid picture.

Well, if I keep getting responses this week's VoxPop posts won't come to an end. I  can say that there are 4 Major Things i could get from all they said.

1. Cyberbullying
2.Tagging Unnecessary
3.Insults and Irrelevant comments
4. People living fake lives

One more extra thing according to Esther, It takes quite a lot of data. So if you know you want to stay on the good side of Nigerian Ladies avoid these 4 things. Social Media is just a platform for us to connect with other people and make friends. Don't use it wrongly or misuse it.

I remain your Favorite Tech Blogger,  Michael and I'll see you guys on Saturday for another segment of our VoxPop Questions.  There are amazing smartphone reviews coming up this week, you won't want to miss it.

Have a great week ahead.

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