VoxPop: Nigerian Ladies Talk About What Annoys Them On Social Media (1)


Social media is becoming quite a huge part of our daily lives. If you're not on any social network or using any messaging app, others may see you as someone living in the dark ages.

Social Media also has it's downsides and most times it's the ladies that get victimized. So I decided to throw a question at some of the girls on my Facebook Friends List,  some replies were hilarious, others were quite interesting. Here's the question

"What are the things that really annoy you about social networks (for example Facebook)? "

Read on to see what these set of beautiful Nigerian Ladies have to say on this. :)

(This page will be updated with more responses from different ladies so be sure to check back/ The names on the photos are just their names on Facebook and may not necessarily represent their names in real life, Naijatechguy reserves the right to delete any of the responses on request by any of them, none of these pictures should be used without authorization)

Queen Melissa

The thing that annoys me most about social media is that it's too fake, people tend to go out of their ways just to impress even though that's not who they are and also social media is now more of a place for making money instead of meeting people.

There was a day an account with Omotola's name told me she wants to buy me an iPhone just because she thinks I'm pretty, then asking me to call a certain number which I did and the number claimed to be the delivery man who gave me an account number asking me to pay N7,000 for shipping or is it when an, I've experienced things like this on social media countless times. So seriously it annoys the heck out of me.

Esther Friday

What annoys me on social media is when someone starts asking me silly questions like "What's  your name?, Where are you from?", e.tc

It's also annoying when someone sends you a friend request and refuses to reply your messages after you accept the request.

Alonge Lisa Fayokemi

What annoys me on social media is when someone tags me on a photo that doesn't in anyway relate to me, apart from that Facebook is fun.

Chioma Ibeakanma

What annoys me about social media is Cyberbullying. I think there should be a Law against such.

Iloka AdaAda

What annoys me about social media is the fake life people show off to the world.

Ann Ibhade

What annoys me on social media is when people form cliques and try to bully others.

H'iam Hoyikansolah Pwecioux

One thing that really annoys me about social networks is when someone tags so many people to a photo.  A friend of mine was sick sometime ago, instead of updating " I am sick pls pray for me ' she posted' I am sick,tagging 50 of her friends ' such things piss me off, why can't she be sick alone?

Another thing that annoys me is the issue of posting stupid posts like

"like and comment else something terrible will happen to you"

Hope Onyike

What annoys me about social media is the  fact that some people don't know how to make friends or how to start up a simple relationship on a social network. I also hate  when one is disrespected just because you relate with people in social networks.

Hardey Sewa

What annoys me on social media is the lack of privacy.

Tz Eve Nate

What annoys me on social media is when I get nasty comments from people.

Dhat Nawtie Dassie Doll

What annoys me on social media is when I like someone's picture but they don't like back and also when someone posts irrelevant questions.

Some of the people i reached out to for reponses haven't responded yet so there are still some more interesting things to know. You'll see a link to the continuation of this post when there are more responses. At the end of the VoxPop Questions in the second segment of this post  I'll drop a summary of what all of them have said.   Have a great day ahead..

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