VoxPop : Interview With Lukmon Agboola (Codeberg) A Nigerian Mobile Game Developer

Hey Guys,  it's an amazing day and  I hope you're having a great weekend.  If you've always wanted to be a game developer or just want to know about game development you should read this.

On NaijaTechGuy.com's Vox Pop this week, there's an interesting personality.

Lukmon Agboola also known as Codeberg is a Game developer and Programmer as well. He's created quite a number of games and some are available on the Play Store.

I had the opportunity to interview him and I must say, I learnt quite a lot of things  Here's the interview.

Briefly Tell Me About Yourself.

I am Lukmon Oluwadamilola Agboola also known as codeberg, i'm the founder and CEO of Ovaplay

How did you start developing mobile games?

I started developing games 7-8 years ago. But i started taking it serious in 2014 when i won 50k from a contest on Beat FM. I invested the 50k in learning more about it.

Which platform do you use to develop your games?

If you mean game engine i use unity3D mostly.

Which programming language is easier for game development?

I still think C# is more easier than Javascript.

What kind of computers will you suggest for any aspiring game developer?

Well... you need as high as you can get and when i say high i mean computing power.

What do you think are the major challenges game developers face in Nigeria?

The epileptic nature of electricity, lack of financial support and low support from the media are the biggest challenge so far.

What can be done to solve these challenges.?

I don't believe it's rocket science to solve any of these big challenges...

How many games have you developed so far?

Many! i wish i know the actual figure.

Which of the games was very challenging?

Forest of Daemons was the Most challenging, the challenges didn't come from the development because i enjoy creating things, it came from finance and electricity.

Which of the games will you say was a huge success?

Well if you're like me that success equals fulfillment then Fer was a huge success.

You're currently working on a game "Triformers",  is this going to be a mobile game or PC?

Mobile and pc.

How many hours do you work daily on developing your games?

On average i work 10 hours daily.

Can you give an exact date when you think the game will be released?

We should have a playable version by first quarter of 2017 but release will be in second or third quarter.

What advice will you give aspiring game developers?

Video game development is a very broad topic, make it an habit to learn something new daily. Thank you.

Triformers Cover Photo ©Lukmon Agboola

Triformers Under Development in Unity Software ©Lukmon Agboola

Triformers Under Development in Unity Software ©Lukmon Agboola

A soon to be released game by Lukmon Agboola

A Screenshot From Fer

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Connect With Lukmon Agboola   On Facebook -   https://www.facebook.com/lukmoore4all 

Connect With Lukmon On Twitter - @codeberg.

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