Top 6 Online Tools That'll Make You A Better Blogger


Blogging is all about creativity and for people that are smart. There are many tools to help you become a better blogger. Most of these tools  pushed me to write more and rely less on rewriting a content I read previously. It has helped me develop a writing style unique to me. It also helps me make my blog better.

Here's my Top 6 list of tools that'll make you a better blogger.

Blog Post Title Generators

The greatest problem bloggers face is producing enough original content. We're humans and not machines so it's quite normal for us to run out of ideas on what to write about. This is where blog title generators come in. Blog title generators generally let you type in the keyword you want to write about. is one of the best title generator tools I have used. This tool fetches and gives you title suggestions that are based on visualizations after you type in a keyword.

It can  break down listings of keywords to three different parts:

Questions: what, who, when, why?

Preposition: for, like, with

Alphabetical: keyword + a, keyword + b

With this tool, you can also get a ton of keywords that you can easily sprinkle throughout your post and get more traffic.

There are also other sites like AnswerThePublic but they work in an entirely different manner.
Here are some of them you can look them up on Google:

Impact Blog Title Generator
SEOPressor Blog Title Generator

EMV Headline Analyzer

EMV means  Emotional Marketing Value. This helps you to know how your post title relates to your readers mind. In humans, decision making is highly influenced by emotion . This tool helps you check the emotion weight of your blog post title.

It's not as colorful as the other tools but it's very easy to use and works perfectly. All you need to do is type in the headline and choose an appropriate category. You will get an EMV score that defines the emotional credibility of your headline.

If your post ranks above 50% it's considered the very best. So, if you have anything within that range, you are doing great.

 Go To EMV Analyzer 


This is another one of my favorite tools. When you input a URL into Buzzsumo  it shows you a list of posts that have got maximum amount of shares in a given period. This way you know the potential of the topic and can track the posts on your blog or competitors blog with the highest shares. You can also track those who shared the post but that  feature is only available in the paid version.

It has a very easy to use interface that makes it one of my favorite tools. Not only does it give you  great data, it binds you to topical relevance. So, you don’t go off topic when searching for ideas.


Getting Stock Images for blog posts can be very difficult but pixabay changes all that. Sometimes while searching for images on Google you see an image that'll be relevant to your post but it ends up having a watermark. Using watermarked images on your blog when the watermark isn't yours really sucks and reeks of unprofessionalism.

Pixabay offers millions of high quality images free.Pixabay is a resource you can use without any copyright restrictions. You can use the images for whatever purposes you want, even for commercial purposes too.

One thing I really like about Pixabay is that there is no registration required. You can simply jump in, search for photos and begin to use them.


Canva's only one call away and superman's got nothing on it. Some times you need graphic designs for your next blog post but you don't know what to do. Canva is the surest bet.

Canva is one of the most used photo editing tools in the world. From its drag and drop feature, the professional layouts and amazing design graphics, Canva has everything that you'll need to create your own stunning images.
You don't have to be a pro , Canva makes image creation super easy and fun.

With millions of images, hundreds of fonts, numbers of free icons and shapes, and amazing photo filters; Canva is without doubt one of the best.


I've come across many blogs, especially the one's that are relatively new in the blogosphere with a very bad writing style and incorrect vocabulary.
Bad grammar kills your blog faster than a nuclear bomb can destroy a city. Bad vocabulary can induce sleep on someone that's already slept for 24 hours.

Posts with many grammatical errors makes  readers lose interest in reading further. They might not even bother reading your future blog posts. So, make sure to perform quick grammar checks before publishing your posts.

Grammarly is one of the most used online grammar checkers. It checks for spelling, sentence structure, style, punctuation, alternatives, etc. All you need to do is copy your content and paste it into Grammarly’s online grammar checker.

That's my top list. If you have any other tool you use, I'd love to check it out. Drop your comments.

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