Crazy Technology : New iPhone Accessory Let's You Kiss Someone Over The Internet


I've seen quite a lot of crazy tech gadgets in 2016 and this is certainly one of the weirdest.

The Kissenger is an iPhone accessory that adds a creepy and horrifying robotic kissing pad, to your iPhone and long distance relationships may never be the same.

Kissenger, which proudly portrays itself as the “world’s first mobile kiss messenger” combines a huge plug-in kiss detection dongle with an iOS app that transmits smooch data wirelessly to someone else who also has the app and a Kissenger device. The kiss pad has the shape of the lips, and under the rubbery silicon shell you'll find some “high precision force sensors” that detect the force of the kiss and then duplicate it elsewhere. The lip pad also houses small actuators, which the company claims create “a realistic kissing sensation.”

The company has noted three potential usage scenarios for the product, which ranges from a logical usage to a totally crazy usage.

For Couples – Well, this one is pretty obvious. It's targeted at people in long-distance relationships who will do anything to feel their partner’s presence for just a moment. It's  a smart move nevertheless.

For Families – It's weird but  understandable at  least. The Kissenger site shows a little girl in London giving her grandma in Tokyo a kiss on the cheek using the device. Seems awkward, but i’ll give it a pass.

For Fans – Are these guys high on something? Kissenger says the device could be used “to connect celebrities and their fans from all around the world.”

Did they just suggest celebrities use these creepy rubber lips to trade kisses with fans? I can’t wait to see Kim Kardashian launch an app that sells “Kim Kisses” for $4.99 via in-app purchase. We all know it's coming.

All the same, if you’re interested in getting your hands, or lips, on a Kissenger you’ll need to keep check  the official site to see if the working prototypes ever result in a retail release for the odd digital romance aid.

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