6 Ways Social Networks Are Ruining Our Lives


Social Media is now an irreplaceable part of  each and every one of us. Social networks these days boast of huge numbers of users. Facebook itself has about 1.5 Billion users. These networks have helped us in many ways but today I'll be looking at the ways it's ruining our lives.

It Keeps Connecting You With A Past That's Best Forgotten.

Most recently, Facebook had a glitch that had old photos of users being reshared. It's possible that there are some of your photos you wouldn't want anyone to see but due to the glitch it became public. This is quite embarrassing. There are some memories you wouldn't want to remember but on social media there's a high probability that you'll come across the post one day and it'll get you annoyed or depressed.

Some people can't even spell anymore

Due to the many short ways of typing words on on social media. Some students can't even spell correctly. I've once read an essay that's filled with Internet slangs and it's embarrassing because it was written by a high school student. 

That's very bad

We keep comparing ourselves to other people

"Obi just bought a new car", "Sandra just got an iPhone" and I'm still here .  All these stuffs tend to make us desperate just because our friends have gotten something we don't have yet. Sometimes it makes us jealous and get envious. We start living fake lives just to keep up so they'll see you as a big boy or big girl indirectly ruining Our self worth and self esteem

You lose connection with the people around you

This is the annoying part of the whole thing. These days most of us can spend a lot of time online loosing the feeling of a decent personal conversation. We hide behind the screens of our smartphones forming as experts and providing answers to some unknown people's problems meanwhile you haven't addressed the problems in your immediate environment.

Have you ever imagined if that person you crossed on the road when your eyes were glued to your phone would have made a positive impact in your life?. Don't let social media draw much of your attention.

It Makes You Paranoid And Needy.

This one mostly affects the Ladies. A typical scenario of this is when a girl posts a picture and gets up to 1000+ likes, there are other girls on her list who'll get to see the picture. Some of them tend to become paranoid and needy. On the contrary, the person that's making them become needy and paranoid may not be better than them in real life.

You Waste So Much Time Online

We're all familiar with the scenario when you just want to quickly check something on your Facebook account but you see something else that keeps you glued to your screen for a  very long time. The hours you spent or wasted on social media could have been used for more productive things. 

Social media is fun but we should also be aware of the ways it ruins our lives.

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