5 Common Blogging Myths Debunked (MythBusted)


Myth #1 | Only Blog posts  between 300-700 words are the best

When you have an audience that has the patience of a fruit fly, you have to get in and get out. The truth is most blogs with helpful  content —  are the posts that will get indexed by Google.

That’s where and how the traffic comes rushing in. Social Media sharing only works as hard as you do. SEO only helps your posts work for you long after you’ve finished promoting the post.

Most Of The Long Articles On My Blog Have Almost 60,000+ views each and still get views daily.

Myth #2 | Blogging is all about writing

There are two answers to this :

Yes ..and no. The main idea blogging is really about education and entertainment. As a blogger like you're the owner of a  school. It’s your job to produce content and information that is relevant, insightful , and entertaining. It’s your job to make someone’s life better and more meaningful. I've had situations on my blog when people comment and thank me for writing a particular post, all i can do is smile because that's what it means to be a blogger.

Writing is also part of this equation, but if  there's one word to encompass blogging, it certainly wouldn’t be writing.

Blogging is about content curation.

Myth #3 | Using a lot of  plugins /widgets can ruin a blog

This myth is quite  tricky,  on  one hand it is true . But do you know that it can take just ONE plugin to bring your blog to its knees? That’s right. One line of misplaced code and your whole blog will break to pieces . Be very careful about the plugins or widgets you install. Even if someone says so much about it, you don’t know how it’s going to work with YOUR template /theme and the other plugins/widgets you have already installed. Even if the plugin/widget doesn't give you any trouble for months, it can stop working all of a sudden with your theme/template or WordPress (especially if there is an update).

Myth #4 | Google + is not necessary to get traffic

You'll probably think that with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, why do you need yet another social platform?

Many bloggers tend to assume that their audience is just not there, so it makes no sense to share posts there . On the contrary Google + has one of the most active and intelligent communities and believe me a simple  Google plus  share  (+1) is better than  100 Facebook likes

Myth #5 |  Avoiding sharing a competitor’s blogs so you don’t lose readers

Most Nigerian Bloggers are guilty of this, it's very rare to see a Nigerian blogger link to another blogger on the same niche

All the same it's quite normal to feel intimidated by someone who has a better blog or bigger audience. But sharing a competitor’s blog posts does two things.

First , it helps to spread the  blog's good karma online. Secondly, it shows your readers and followers that you really want to help them, even if it means going to someone else. .

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