5 Amazing Ways To Write Interesting Blog Post Topics


Blogging has become the best strategy to share content online. Every day, millions of people search for information about products and services online and blog posts regularly serve those needs.

However, without the right keywords and good SEO header tags, your blog post will end up lost in the Internet.

So the question is :

What really is a blog post title and why is writing a good headline for a blog post an essential part of its success?

Here's a simple scenario; you've worked for a lot of time to publish seemingly well written and organized blog post but before you know it, it is left to die with zero comments, zero shares and yes, zero tweets or likes.

That alone is enough to push you from posting any other thing.

If you think the answer is to spend more hours perfecting your writing skills, you're far from the truth. The answer is just one thing - The Title.

Here are some ways you can tweak your titles to become almost perfect.

Making your post title captivating and engaging

Many people judge a book by its cover and in the case of a blog, by its title. An eye-catching post title is the best way to entice readers to click so that they can what the content is about and decide whether or not it’s applicable to them.

Creative blog titles can motivate people to click and read your blog posts . And bear in mind that every single click matters because that’s the only way to determine whether your blog is destined to be liked and shared across the web or whether it’s going to end up as a graveyard.

Writing a catchy blog post title is quite different from exaturation.  I don't want to see a situation when a farmer takes his chickens to the market and something occurs then the blogger now publishes a headline with - Passengers Turn To Fowl At Ketu Market .  Exaturation kills your blog faster than a bullet can kill.

Doing proper keyword research

Keyword research is very important and it plays a huge part in determining whether your blog post will be a hit or a miss.

By doing proper research on your keywords, you can learn more about the people you’re targeting and directing to your website.

You could Try Out The Following

*Moz Analytics’ Keyword Analysis Tool

Keep Posts Short And Unique

Many times, a lot of blog post titles get lost under a heap of thousands of other titles because bloggers fail to engage the user by using
generic keywords and making the post too long.

Make sure your post is distinct, short, attractive and thereby search engine friendly.
Try keeping your blog post titles less than 55 characters because Google would invariably cut out titles not under 55 characters.

Keep Blog Post Titles Relevant

The most important thing is the headline should always be useful and able to convey the key point of the content. Always know who you are writing for mysterious blog headlines.

Readers should be able to make up their mind by reading the headline and decide whether the post is applicable to them or not.

People want to know what they’ll gain from reading your post.

Use Blog Post Title Generators
If you're stuck on what to write about, here are some tools that'll help you to get a post headline related to your keyword that you can easily write about.

Some of the popular ones available are:

SEOPressor’s Title Generator
Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer
Hemingway Sharethrough
Blog Title Generator – BlogAbout by Impact

These blogging tools basically require you to add your keywords into their generators and generate a list of creative and catchy blog post titles for you to choose from.

Well that's it for now guys. If you have any opinions or questions, use the comment box.

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