You'll Soon Be Able To Control Your Phone With Harry Potter Spells

A new Harry Potter Movie is coming out soon. We’re only a few weeks away  from the release of the  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Google is teaming up with Warner Bros  to showcase the film with a series of Google services.

Turn on the flashlight with a Lumos spell

The best of the Harry Potter integrations is that Google will allow you to turn your Android phones into a bona-fide magic wands. Using Google Voice commands , you can now instruct your phone to turn on the flashlight with a Lumos spell, or shutter it with Nox. And of course, casting the Silencing Charm with Silenco will, logically, silence the ringer and notifications on the device. Honestly, I can’t see a single reason why Harry Potter spells shouldn’t immediately become the default control method for all voice commands going forward, it's really fun.


Google is also adding tours of locations inFantastic Beasts using Google Street View , allowing fans to virtually visit the Magical Congress of the USA, The Blind Pig speakeasy, and the apartment of some of the films main characters.

Additionally, Google is planning a Fantastic Beasts Daydream VR Experience for the Daydream View headset when it goes on sale later in November, along with a Fantastic Beastssticker pack for use in Google Allo.

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