My Experience Buying A Smartphone In Aba


Some days ago,  I decided to get a new phone and I had to choose between buying from Jumia or buying from a shop, I chose the latter as it was going to be more fun. (This post was originally posted in 2016)

As a Techie, I'd say buying things from Aba is fun and interesting but you'll have to be really smart. I also had to choose between buying in the Market (Ariaria) or going into the main town. I didn't want a too expensive phone so I placed my budget between 30-40k.

I ended up taking a bus to St Michael's Road, Aba. I  walked around the shops, bargaining and I noticed something quite common among the people selling the smartphones.

They always try to make you feel like an inferior device is good.  My advice is " no matter what don't listen to them" . Buy what you want and leave.

Something really funny happened at the last shop I went to :

I initially requested for a phone with a battery capacity of 3000maH and above between 30-40k. They brought out an Infinix Note 2. Looking at the device,  I was really happy but always remember - you don't judge a book by it's cover. I opened the back of the phone and checked the battery, 4040maH. (quite impressive)

I turned on the phone. The boot transition wasn't too smooth, it seemed like a fake Infinix phone but I decided to investigate thoroughly before concluding.

After the phone finished booting, I opened the app drawer and went through the system apps. The icons looked bigger and lacked quality, unlike the ones in most Infinix phones.I spotted something strange again -  Tecno's Boom Player installed on an Infinix Phone. I was shocked. (Chai).

The next discovery gave me a massive blow. I checked the phone's RAM Capacity and to my greatest surprise it was just 218MB while on the  pack it was 2GB. I was dumbfounded. At that moment, I realized that if I didn't know anything about smartphones, I would have just bought a fake phone for about 36k and later regret it.(In this recession,  it's unfair nah).

The same fake infinix device I dropped, an unsuspecting lady, unaware of my discovery picked it up and started asking about the price. I shook my head in pity. I always stay out of trouble so i couldn't tell her she was about to buy a fake phone in front of the shop owner.

I decided to overlook the battery capacity and get another phone. I looked around the shop and spotted a TECNO W4 with a 2500maH battery, I went through the phone and everything was okay. I paid for it and left. (I  bought the phone for N32,000). On my way out of the shop a guy met me and asked if I wanted to install apps on the phone so I decided to play along.

I asked how much to install WhatsApp and Facebook. The guy told me N500.  I laughed and told him not to worry, maybe next time. If only he knew what I was saying in my mind. (hehehe.. You don't know who you're talking to.)

I just took a bus home.

That was quite an adventure . If you're not smart you may end up with a fake phone.

Lesson -  If you're not good in detecting good smartphones  always go with someone who knows about it. All that glitters is not Gold.

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