LG G6 2017 may have a removable battery

The LG G5  hit the market seven months ago and so far, I've heard quite a bit of conflicting reports regarding its successor. Industry sources don't seem to agree or know whether the LG G6 will be modular or not, though latest developments suggest that the South Korea  based smartphone company will dump  the modular design for its next high-end smartphone. Regardless of that, new reports on LG’s 2017 flagship have just surfaced.

As reported by The Korea Herald, the Seoul-based company decided against equipping the LG G6 with a non-removable battery and will stick to traditional, easily removable batteries. According to the sources close to the firm, LG’s decision is closely related to potential complications with “safety and yield.” The Korea Herald speculates that this likely refers to the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco which Samsung was in the center of earlier this year. As phone makers keep pushing the limits of the lithium-ion technology, the potential for problems related to overheating, melting, and fires is always on the rise, as evidenced by the Galaxy Note 7.

LG seems to be learning from Samsung's Mistakes

Naturally, a removable battery is still prone to overheating and related issues, but it's better to replace a battery than recall an entire phone line, which Samsung was recently forced to do twice in a span of just a few months. Last but not least, The Korea Herald also reported that LG is considering some new features for the LG G6 which were never present in any other phone made by the Seoul-based company. Unfortunately, the outlet doesn’t expand on that claim.

However, LG lost  $680 million on the LG G5 so it  isn’t far-fetched to believe that LG would decide to stick with what consumers liked and ditch all the things they didn’t. In other words, a removable battery is generally a plus for consumers, while the modular design of the LG G5 wasn’t as well-received, so it seems plausible that the South Korean phone maker would scrap it. All in all, you should know more about the device in just a few months as LG is expected to unveil the LG G6 come early 2017

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