How To Style Your Android Marshmallow Smartphone

Android has an inbuilt theme engine referred to as Runtime Resource Overlay (RRO) in Android Marshmallow. (6.0)
RRO was intended to be only used by OEMs, not the end-users. This means that owners cannot use it to change their phone’s look and feel.

However, with Android almost everything is possible –
of course.There is a way of activating RRO. On Android
Marshmallow, an application called Layers was used to
activate RRO, that same application has been completely re-
established to work on Android Nougat.

The entire process of unlocking the hidden themes have been made easier with Layers.

The layers developers decided to change the name of the
application to ‘Substratum’.

Stock Android /AOSP-based custom ROM
Android Marshmallow or higher
Rooted Android handset

Install the Substratum Theme Engine

Go to Google Play Store and install Substratum

Grant Permissions.

After installing the app, click ‘Grant’ on the access request.

Then, you will be required to grant additional permissions so
that the app can save the theme files to the phone
storage. So, hit ‘Allow’ when you’re prompted.

Install Themes
Hit the 3-dot menu button found at the top right corner of the
application’s main menu. Then choose ‘Play Store ’ Themes.’

This takes you to the list of all Substratum’s compatible
themes on the Google Play Store . Browse themes and find
one that suits your preferences. Once you have picked, install
them just like any other application.
Apply the Theme
With the Substratum theme already installed, go back to the
Substratum application and refresh it by pulling down. Then
select the first theme.

Substratum app allows you to match and mix elements from
your multiple themes, so you have two options. First, you can
toggle the switch at the top screen to use the theme for all
elements and application that it is capable of theming.

Secondly, you can simply go through the whole list and check
the boxes next to any element or application that you would
like to theme. Once you have checked the elements and apps
you would like to theme, tap on the floating action button at
the bottom right corner, then select ‘Install Selected.’

You will then see a pop-up after a few seconds informing you
that you should reboot your device. In case you just want to
apply a single theme, hit ‘OK.’ Otherwise, if you are mixing
themes, hit ‘Later.’ and then choose elements and apps from
the second theme. Reboot when you are done.

Enjoy the New Look
After you reboot, the new theme will now be in effect. These
themes have the capability of changing the feel and the look
of almost any menu or application on your handset. Even if
something is lacking from the first theme, simply add another
one, and apply on the missing element to change the look

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