How To Connect Your Smartphone To Your Smart TV

It's very easy to cast your smartphone display to your TV via WiFi or by using cables.

Most of the main and popular Smart TV manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic  provide  features for users to connect tablets and smartphones to their TV via Wi-Fi or cables .

For instance, Samsung and Sony’s new Smart TV models have a ‘screen mirroring’ feature that lets you display whatever is on your phone screen.

You can transfer videos, photos, and also
stream YouTube to your Smart TV with your tablet and smartphone. While the YouTube application for Android can
be connected easily to a television through the streaming icon, displaying multimedia like videos and photos takes a little more effort.

You can use  iMediaShare to connect to your Smart TV. It allows you
to transfer music, photos, and videos from your Android Smartphone . With the iMediaShare app, you can select any file type and also play videos serially on your Smart TV.

You can also use HDMI cables to connect your phone to your Smart TV.

The High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable is the ultimate interface standard. Most Flat-screen TV's come with a HDMI port. HDMI can easily accommodate HD videos and audio simultaneously, letting you
connect your smartphone without bothering   about watching a HD
movie but making it incredible with your
smartphone’s tiny speakers.

HDMI plugs come in 3 sizes. Regular HDMI plugs (Type A) which
have full-size ports which you will find on TVs, game consoles, and laptops. The
ports you'll  find on smartphones and tablets are either mini HDMI, middle (Type C) or Micro HDMI, right (Type D). Of
these, the Type D, or Micro HDMI is the smallest. No Matter the kind of smartphone you have, connecting it to a HDMI socket won't cost you much .

You can also use the SlimPort/MHL.
Just like HDMI, MHL and SlimPort support both audio and video. However, both need breakout boxes, a small dongle on your device and a Smart TV that can convert the  signal from your smartphone to one that is compatible with HDMI.

MHL has undergone several versions, it's currently on the third version that improves the resolution to 4K. This also
applies to SlimPort. If your Smart TV doesn’t support the MHL or you have a SlimPort handset, you will need to buy an adapter. With three versions of MHL and SlimPort, you have to make sure your device meet the specifications before purchasing an adaptor.

I suggest you use the HDMI since it's the easiest one to set up.

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