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Check Out Nintendo’s Next Game Console – Nintendo Switch



Check Out Nintendo's Next Game Console -  Nintendo Switch 1
I  won’t say the Nintendo Wii wasn’t such a huge disaster.

According to information I got from, Nintendo Switch, previously codenamed NX and announced a few days ago , is on track to release in March 2017. When it’s out, your home and portable play will be combined into
one unit: Switch is a tablet with detachable controllers
that can dock with your TV, playing its games anywhere.

The hanafuda maker is still playing its hand close to its chest, however, only unveiling a short, three-minute
concept video of the Switch, plus a little bit of information in follow-up press releases. Nintendo promises to unveil more information later, including lists of games, system specs, and the all-important price.

For now, here’s everything we know about Nintendo Switch.
It combines home and portable into a single unit.

You can play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on your big-screen TV at home, but why stop there? Pull the
Switch out of the docking station next to your TV, and you can take that game on the go. This means more than just
convenience: It means that Nintendo’s home and portable game libraries will now be combined into one single

No more having to support both the home Wii U and the portable 3DS with separate Mario Kart games—
Nintendo can just create one game that’s played by everyone. And you don’t have to buy two pieces of
Nintendo hardware to enjoy all the company’s games, anymore.
It has many different control options.

You’ll notice joysticks and buttons on the sides of the Switch. These will let you play Zelda when used in tandem. But you can also break those controllers off, like
so many pieces of a Kit Kat bar, hand one to a friend, and play a round of competitive, portable Mario Kart
anywhere you like. This will of course mean that each player’s control option is limited to one joystick and a
handful of buttons. But many Nintendo games already control just fine with such a setup.

You can also play local multiplayer games using two or more Switch consoles.

You also have the option of controlling a game with one controller in each hand, like playing an old-school Wii
game with the remote and nunchuk attachment. These controllers are known as Joy-Cons, and you can put them
into an accessory called the Joy-Con Grip to create a single controller that’s sort of shaped like a standard
gamepad. And if you truly want a standard gamepad
experience for hardcore gamin’, you can just buy the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

But the teaser trailer does leave some questions unanswered. Is the screen on the Switch a touch screen?
We assume it must be, but we didn’t see anyone touching
it. Do the Joy-Cons have motion sensors? I give that about
a 50 percent chance, but again, we didn’t see it. Can you
use the Joy-Cons to point and click at the TV screen, like a

Wii remote?  Totally Not sure about That!


Michael Ajah is a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. He loves RnB and a little mix of Trap Music. An awesome tech reviewer and analyst. Email - [email protected]


Why I Went M.I.A For Almost Two Months And What Lies Ahead



Why I Went M.I.A For Almost Two Months And What Lies Ahead 8

It’s been awfully quiet here for a couple of weeks and I’m guessing most of you wondered where I was, So before you shoot . Please me hear me out.

Why I Went M.I.A For Almost Two Months And What Lies Ahead 9

I’ve been quite busy handling my final year project in school and a lot of jobs for clients. When I’m not blogging, I’m a product designer. I basically design apps and websites for brands and companies before it’s developed. You can take a look at my portfolio here  to see what I’ve been up to –

Also I think I would be needing active tech writers here so when I’m not available content would still be here. The past two months have been hectic and extremely stressful and I’m sorry the blog had to take the hit for all the stress.

Why I Went M.I.A For Almost Two Months And What Lies Ahead 10

If you are a good writer send me your rates and samples of what you’ve done before to [email protected] 

In the mean time, I’m gonna resume posting here.  When I wasn’t active here i still made updates on my social media handles. Please follow those handles to stay updated with what I’m up to.

Facebook – (Personal)

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It’s good to be back, honestly I missed this. At some point I felt like I was losing touch with blogging but mehnnn. It feels so good typing again. I can’t wait to cause trouble as usual lol.

Why I Went M.I.A For Almost Two Months And What Lies Ahead 11

So that’s it from me guys. This is me officially signing out. I would catch y’all tomorrow morning.


Why I Went M.I.A For Almost Two Months And What Lies Ahead 12

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Hello guys, I’ve been a bit slow in updating this part of the blog and it’s because I’ve been working really hard to add a How To Compare Phones And Check Prices feature.

How To Compare Phones And Check Prices Before Buying 14

How To Compare Phones

I just added a price and spec comparison feature to this blog. You can compare phone specs and prices then buy it if there’s a link to the store available in the option. –

I normally go to e-commerce stores and pick out the lowest prices so you get the best value for your money.  Regular blog post updates would resume immediately.

Thanks for being an amazing reader.

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