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Evening Guys. This might be coming kind of late. Here's what we have for you guys on this week's Readers Deluxe... First off we'll start with Empire premiering in 5 days from now.. Then we'll move to DC Legends of Heroes, the Flash and Wonder Woman


How can Empire Season 3 possibly top the brutal fight in the Season 2

The Empire Season 2 cliffhanger episode ended with Rhonda, Lucious
Lyon’s daughter-in-law, locked in a tense brawl with Anika, Lucious’
conniving wife. Rhonda, having deduced that Anika pushed her down a
flight of stairs and caused her miscarriage, attempts to strangle Anika
while the pair lean precariously over the roof’s edge.

The tense scene ends with Andre Lyon, Rhonda’s husband and heir to the Lyon empire, witnessing one (or both) of them fall and screaming “No!”.. What really happens next.?

Now the question is , who fell at the end of Empire Season 2? Well, I can guarantee
that at least one of the two women fell.
It's certain that the fight will most likely have deadly consequences. Chaiken at first played coy to a question about whether
the Empire women would die, then got straight to the point.

“It sure as hell looks that way. All we have to go on right
now is the sound of that scream and the look on Andre’s
face — and that, to me, says somebody went over that
railing. And it would be ludicrous to say that would be a
survivable fall… we love [Rhonda and Anika] — and it’s hard
to think about losing either one of them. In this instance,
there’s no character motivation to consider: One of them is
simply going to win the fight, and the other is likely to be

The Empire Season 3 premiere, therefore, will feature the characters
grappling with the loss of either Anika or Rhonda.

However, while Chaiken tried to keep the identity of the dead character
a secret, Empire executive producer Sanna Hamri wasn’t quite so tight-
lipped .

The Empire producer confessed that
“ a death that’s going to deeply affect him.”
Andre has no particular emotional connection to Anika, but his
passionate marriage to Rhonda and attempts to start a family with her
have been a centerpiece of Empire since Season 1.

If it’s true that Anika succeeds in pushing Rhonda off the roof, then
Andre Lyon is in for his most tortured season of Empire yet. That’s
saying a lot — in the first two seasons of Empire , Andre has already
suffered from suicidal tendencies, intense mental illness, and
Rhonda’s miscarriage of their child.
The trouble won’t be over for Anika if she wins her fight with Rhonda.

Anika has been a villain since Empire Season 1, and has already made
enemies of Cookie and Hakeem Lyon. Her new husband, Lucious,
won’t be much help if the family turns on her; at the end of Empire
Season 2, he reveals to Anika that he’s aware of her role in Rhonda’s
miscarriage. “I know you pushed her,” Lucious tells Anika at their

And where does Anika stand with the rest of the Lyons in the Empire

Season 3 premiere?

She has her work cut out for her if she wants to make amends with
Cookie Lyon, Lucious’ ex-wife. Cookie is still devastated and betrayed
from Lucious’ sudden marriage to Anika at the end of Empire Season

The Empire Season 3
as a new love interest for Cookie,
loyal viewers will remember that Cookie is able to hold grudges for
quite a long time. Say, the length of a 17-year jail sentence?

Notably, a trailer for Empire Season 3 released a few weeks ago
entitled “Kill Or Be Killed” does not show either Anika or Rhonda. It
does, however, show guest star Mariah Carey, as well as images of
lavish nightclub performances and chilling police brutality.


Let's recap the last scene of the final episode of season 1.

As the crew prepares to set out and patrol time as the only honest Time Masters left, a different (but the same) Waverider comes in for a crash landing: depositing an unknown stranger before them. In classic time travel form, he seeks confirmation that it is, in fact, May 2016 – the exact time and place that Mick Rory, of all people, instructed him to arrive. Arrive, and offer a warning: that getting on board the Waverider for this mission will result in their deaths. Without offering an explanation – whether he came from the future, the past, a parallel world, etc.

the man does offer a name: Rex Tyler (played by Patrick J. Adams in his long-rumored mystery role). Sensing that the name may not carry weight or meaning to everyone present (or watching at home), he continues listing his credentials as a member of the Justice Society of America.


To the unfamiliar, Rex Tyler is also known by the superhero moniker ‘Hourman’, a fitting name considering his superpower. Well, less a power, and more of superhuman strength, agility and endurance as a result of a mysterious, and potentially dangerous, drug (Miraclo) which grants him powers for… one hour. Created in the Golden Age of DC Comics, Tyler soon became a charter member of the Justice Society of America – DC’s first superhero team, later repeated with the Justice League – married a movie star and had a son, Rick, to carry on the legacy.

While his time with the JSA means Rex rubbed shoulders with comic book Jay Garrick, among others (whose name should send bells ringing for Flash fans), it’s actually his son Rick who most DC readers will be familiar with. Having picked up the family business by necessity, Rick would develop a longtime love affair with Jesse Quick, and become a regular staple of JSA stories (it’s Rick’s costume which the show seems to be taking cues from, judging by the black suit and red striped arms). Although this cliffhanger ending is clearly setting up the mystery of season 2 – what was Mick up to, and can this unknown, possibly drug-addicted hero be trusted – and cast of characters, it’s safe to say that the writers haven’t yet locked in their story for season 2 .

Still, an indication the JSA is on their minds is a promising sign for older fans (especially those whose dreams were dashed when those rumors of an Hourman series never amounted to anything)....

The Flash

It has been recently confirmed that Barry Allen
will be paying a visit to Gorilla City next season.
This is the home of a classic nemesis, Gorilla
Grodd, and his allies. It was revealed in a post
by Gizmodo that executive producer Andrew
Kresiberg said that not only will Flash be seen
in Gorilla City, but he will be staying there for
quite some time. In fact, it will be featured in a
two-part story where he will be dealing with
tough Gorillas.

Gorilla Grodd is one of Barry Allen’s most
popular rivals in the entire franchise. This two-
part episode might be a crowning moment for
this series. Just as fans of the speedster are
excited to see Barry Allen deal with this tough
nemesis, it is still hoped that he does not mess
things up even fu rther than he just had.
Gorilla Grodd was initially introduced during
the first season as a gorilla , which was the
subject of an experiment by Dr. Harison Wells
and General Wade Eiling. Their end goal was to
develop a mind control method that has never
been seen before. Later on, it was discovered
that General Eiling had intentions to use the
outcomes of the experiment for military
dominance. This caused the experiment to be
shut down, says a post in iTechPost .
In season 2, it was revealed that Gorilla Grodd
was ex iled into Gorilla City on Earth- Two. It
was also revealed that Grodd murdered the
incumbent king in Gorilla City and took control
after .

The Flash was just in time in discovering
the place before Grodd could potentially rule
the entire world.

The scriptwriters for “The Flash” did not follow
canon source to the nail for the series, so it is
expected that they will put their own twist as to
how Grodd struggles to be in control as Barry
Allen stops him.

Wonder Woman

This new information comes from unnamed sources over at
Bleeding Cool who clam to have read the greenlit treatment for
the Wonder Woman movie at Warner Bros.

According to the
rumor, the first half of the film will be set on Paradise Island
(Wonder Woman's home) where factions have gone to war
over political control. This chaos is interrupted by the arrival of
a man (possibly not Wonder Woman love interest Steve Trevor)
who pleads the Amazonians for help, and changes the culture
just with his presence. Eventually, Wonder Woman (or, really,
Princess Diana at that point) agrees to join him to the return
home - and it's at this point that the audience learns that the
story is set in the 1920s. Given that this was an era utterly
lacking in any kind of gender equality, it presents an interesting
culture clash that Diana will have to overcome.

Going forward with future Wonder Woman sequels, the
rumored idea would be to advance the character through World
War II in Wonder Woman 2 and then have her be a part of the
modern era by Wonder Woman 3. Of course, we'll also be
seeing plenty of the modern version in films like Batman v
Superman: Dawn of Justice and the two announced Justice
League films.

If true, this would certainly be a very interesting direction for the
character. When it was revealed earlier this month that the big
screen Wonder Woman would retain her demigod status, many
drew comparisons between her and The Avengers' Thor, but
this new development may actually make Captain America a
closer comparison. After all, the Marvel character got the period
movie treatment too with Captain America: The First Avenger,

and has also had to deal with fish out of water scenarios after
being frozen for decades. Of course, I hope that the similarities
remain limited, as Wonder Woman has a chance to be a wholly
different kind of superhero movie.

That's it for this week's edition of Readers Deluxe. I'll see you next .. Cheers

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