How To Improve Sound Quality On Your Android Smartphone


Whether in the car or making dinner, most of us have music playing.
And since it is not always comfortable to keep our headphones all
times, we end up using the built-in speakers. Some companies like
the HTC know that most of the people use built-in speakers, are
dedicated to developing the best sounds out of their devices.

However, this is not the case of all companies, some of them have
great quality speakers which have lackluster software powering them.
This would be an issue if our handsets were locked, but due to the
level of customization on Android, we can easily change the equalizer
for awesome sound. Moreover, most of the applications claim to
improve the sound, but most of these apps are only trying to make a
few bucks by availing false promises.

You may also try to complain to the customer care or take it to the
service center to get a proper solution to solve the issue. But you’ll
not get a proper solution to overcome this issue. This article will help
you on how to improve sound quality and increase volume on Android

Find your speaker

Android phones are becoming compact each and every day, so do the
speakers. It might be quite a tiresome task to find the bigger grills
where the speakers are placed since different manufacturers use
different types of speakers. Some of them use grilled speakers while
others use microscopic speakers. The big problem with the
microscopic speaker is that you may not notice them.
It is vital to know whether your smartphone has a rear or front-facing
speaker. To confirm this, place your finger on your phone’s speakers.
If you live in a dusty area, take some time to check if the
accumulation of dust affects the sound.

Cases can be dangerous.

Protective covers affect the volume and sound quality for the
speakers. All the vibrations and other sounds from the speakers
coming from your device are muffled the addition layer of rubber or
plastic that your device’s manufacturer will not have considered when
designing the speaker system.
Some cases also block the important parts of the handsets like the
microphone, audio jack or speaker. Therefore, before purchasing a
case, check to see that it doesn’t block anything.

Download an EQ
The default audio controls on most Android devices aren’t exactly
comprehensive. Some have a basic EQ that only works within the
default music application and provides no control over audio. A
couple adjustments of can greatly improve the sound quality.

Use quality headphones

Even after you have implemented the various steps, they’re some
devices that can’t just give the desired output. If this is the case goes
for quality headphones. You need to ensure that the headphones will
give you the desired output. You should purchase earphones from
reputable brands.

Root your Android smartphone

Most of the people do know well that rooting your device, you get
administrator rights to control your handset. After rooting your device,
you are able to easily manage different applications to improve the
sound quality and increase volume on Android. You should know how
to root an Android device for you to accomplish this step successfully.

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