How To Check If Your Smartphone's Memory Card (SD Card) is Original with Just An App

Apple may have you made you think that just like the headphone jack, all old technology is outdated and of no good use

Well , The SD Card has been around for a very long time and is surprisingly going strong among users. However, you can end up wondering how to check if SD Card is legit or original.

Since a bad or fake SD CARD  can either corrupt your storage data or simply wreak havoc on your device, you need to stay away from the knock-offs. Since you can rarely find physical evidence of a fake SD Card, there is a quick way to spot them with an app.

Step 1: Download the SD Insight app

Although In some cases, a simple look at the memory card can help you check if SD Card is legit or not. However, with the high margin of production, spotting the fake one can be as hard as making 1 naira equivalent to 1 dollar .

This is where SD Insight app comes in to save the day, helping your internally verify the legitimacy of your SD Card. Simply search for the free app on the Google Play Store or use the link given below to download it.

Download SD Insight from the Google Play Store

Step 2: Check if SD Card is legit or fake

Launch SD Insight and accept the EULA agreement to begin working on your SD Card. Certainly , you will need your SD card  inserted into your device before you can begin to discover more information on it.

In the SD Card information, you can view details like the manufacturer of the SD Card, the capacity of the storage device and manufacturer date. Since some brands do not manufacture their own accessories, don’t be worried if the brand names do not match.

However, if the model number of the SD Card in the app and that on the package is different, you might just have a problem. Lastly, confirming the storage capacity will also help you check if SD card is legit or you just got ripped off.

Note: If you receive a message such as “SD Card is invalid” or “Origin is unknown”, it probably means that your SD Card is either corrupt or fake.

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