How To Activate Grayscale Mode On Android Phones To Save Battery


Apart from the awesome Ambient Display that helps you view
notifications all the time without draining power, Samsung has other tricks up its sleeves. In order to make the most out
of its power-saving AMOLED display, some Galaxy devices
come with a Grayscale Mode. While Grayscale Mode on any
Android device isn’t a direct possibility, there is a way around it.

Since the AMOLED panels are designed to conserve energy
when portraying black and white colors, the Grayscale Mode
helps you get more juice out of each charge. To get
Grayscale Mode on any Android device with AMOLED display,
you need the Monochrome app and root access.

Step 1: Download the Monochrome App
With the help of an app created by a developer named
Suyash Srijan , you can power up Grayscale Mode on any
Android device. Simply search for the app in the Google Play

Store or download it using the link given below.

Download Monochrome from the Google Play Store

Step 2: Grant root access to the Monochrome app

As mentioned earlier, you need root access to use the
Monochrome app for activating Grayscale Mode. If your device is already
rooted, go ahead and open the Monochrome app. You will be
greeted with a pop-up from Superuser asking for root access,
so allow it by hitting “Grant”.

Step 3: Activate Grayscale Mode on any Android device.

You can now finally go ahead and activate the Grayscale
Mode using the Monochrome app. Simply open the app and
press the toggle switch to activate Grayscale Mode.

Activating Grayscale Mode will automatically kick in a black
and white display every time your phone is running on low
battery. This will help you conserve your battery, and will
automatically deactivate when you connect your device to a

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