How To Turn Your Android Phone to A Spy-Phone


You don't need to be part of the spy family if you ever need to play an amateur spy, you don't need a trailer load of gadgets all you need is your smartphone.

There are a number of cool apps that will give you the eyes and extra
ears you need. And who would ever suspect that you’re spying on their

Note: We won't be responsible for emotional breakdowns by trying to spy on someone.


Back then in the days, eavesdropping used to mean that you had to
carry around a special-purpose device. If the wrong person spotted it,
you were done. But with an Audio recording app on your smartphone,
you are as stealthy as you can ever get. You just have to make sure
you have enough storage on your phone, and you can capture
everything within earshot all day long. It’s also important that you
understand the law so that you don’t get into trouble with your spy


What if you can’t get enough to your mark to eavesdrop using an
audio recording app? That’s where EarSpy comes in. You just need to
put on your headphones, download and install this app and you’re all
set up. EarSpy sends audio right from your mic to your headphones.
This way, you can listen without looking suspicious. You can even
leave your phone near your mark and listen in through a Bluetooth

Hidden Camera

If you’re keen to take a photo or record some video, your smartphone
can come in handy. Mobile hidden camera lets you do this in a sneaky
way so that nobody else notices. The app will let you take pictures
from a very blank screen, even inside a fully-working notepad app.
And if someone gets suspicious about what you’re doing, you can just
type a designated word into notepad and everything you’ve captured
will be erased.

Cell Tracker

Do you need to track anyone ? This app lets
brings you up to speed on their location every half hour. Just make
sure that it’s installed on the target device . The app uses a combination of both WiFi and GPRS to
automatically collect location information.

Secret Calls
This is another great Android spy app that lets you secure all your call
activities. The app is designed in such a way that it hides the
phonebook contact icon on your device, thus preventing anyone from
snooping. More so, you can automatically delete all incoming and
outgoing call logs so no one can trace them.

These easy to use Android apps are all you need to play amateur spy.
Maybe you need to conduct a small secret investigation in your
business or find out what a friend has been up to.

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