How To Choose A Good Router


The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the humankind. We may argue a lot about its advantages and disadvantages, but we cannot deny that thanks to the Internet people have more opportunities for communication and access to necessary information. All you need is a device for surfing the net and a magic box called a router.

What is router
Router is a computer hardware, which provides internet connection. It is a device, which receives, analyzes and moves incoming packets to another network. In general, it performs all actions somehow related to network. Routers are widely used at tomes, for they share a single Internet connection between different computers and not only computers – all the devices equipped with Wi-Fi function.

A router is connected to several data lines and by addressing packets to different destinations according to routing policy creates an internetwork. Routers may be used in small offices and connect several logical groups or devices with different sub-network addresses.

How routers work
The process goes on in two stages. The first is control plane, when router maintains a routing table indicating which route and physical interface connection it should forward data. Forwarding plane forwads data packets between incoming and outcomming interface connections, routing them to correct network type. It may seem too complicated, but that’s how magic happens.
How to choose a router
For this, you may simply consult a specialist. Nevertheless, it would be good to know the basics.

Single band and Dual band. All wireless devices are connected to network and operate in one or two bands, working on different frequencies. Single band works on the same frequency as the majority of home appliances, so this may influence the performance. Dual band device provides better coverage and less interference.
Speed. It is not necessary to buy the fastest thing you can find. Actually, speed depends on your Internet connection, and the performance is as high as it allows.
Security. You can control the number of users, who have access to your router. Most routers support secure WPA and WPA2 standards. Descent access control functions guarantee complete security and allow to segment network into several areas, separate for guests and trusted users.

Wired Connectivity. Besides of wireless access, a lot of routers have Enthernet ports for wired connectivity. With the help of adapter connected to router on one side and a device on the other side, you’ll get much higher performance.
Number of simultaneous connections. Think about how many people are going to use a router and how many devices will need to work at the same time. This will help to define a router class.
Where to buy a router

If you look for a place to buy a router, click on routers. You will immediately find yourself on the best marketplace you could ever imagine. To understand it completely, imagine all benefits of an ordinary market and bring them to a web space. Then you get – with hundreds of thousands of ads, available prices and direct communication with sellers. Choose a router and get ready for further online shopping.

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