4 Things You Can Do To Make Your Android Work Better


Android is the world’s leading mobile platform, and it’s stacked with
massive tools and configuration options. You probably are using the
bigger chunk of these tools and options, but there are some others
that are hidden from plain sight. These are actually features that you
can use to make your android phone work better for you. Take a look…

1. Use Android Device Manager to remotely secure your device

It’s a know fact that many people aren’t using Android Device
Manager to remotely secure their smartphone. This is one of those
important tools that can bring a lot of useful functionality to your
device, including things like malware scanning and account sync.
You’ll be able to ring, track, lock or wipe data on your smartphone in
the case you lose it.

2. Screen recording

A few years ago , you had to root your Android phone to be able to
make use of the platform’s advanced features. But Android has slowly
improved over time. From Lollipop 5.0, screen recording is supported.
You just need to install the AZ Screen Recorder to take advantage of it.
Screen recording gives you an MP4 video file of whatever’s happening
on your screen.

3. Configure system animations

Your android smartphone is probably already fast enough, but you can
make things even more better with this little tweak. Navigate to system
settings, then About>Software Information>More>Build number . Tap
on the build number at least 7 times until you get a confirmation that
you’re now a developer. This brings the Developer Options menu in the
main settings list. Navigate to the Developer Options and scroll down
to Drawing , then Window animation scale , Transition animation scale,
and finally Animator duration scale . These animations cover up lags
as the system catches up. By default, they are set to 1x. But you really
don’t need slow settings on a fast phone. So set it to 0.5x to get a
snappier experience.

4. Leverage Smart Lock
Of course, there’s no understating the importance of securing your
phone. But if you’re the one handling it, there’s no point having to deal
with a complicated screen lock each time you get it out of your
pocket. This feature displays an easy swipe screen lock whenever it’s
safe to do that. But how does it just know? It uses options such as
Trusted Face, on-body detection, Trusted Devices, and Trusted
Location. At the very minimum, all Android handsets have Trusted
Location and Trusted Devices. Just like Android Device Manager,
Smart Lock is delivered to Android handsets through Play Services.

However, some manufacturers hide smart lock a number of levels
deep in privacy settings or advanced security. You need to look it up
and configure Google Play Services as a ‘trust agent’ in order to take
advantage of Smart Lock.


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