This Is One Reason Why You Need To Be Vigilant When Withdrawing From An ATM machine


In Nigeria in particular,  I  know many people won't suspect something like this. The only security precautions many people take are to make sure any suspicious persons aren't around or preventing someone from seeing their pin.  With the Increase in Cybercrime,  the normal precautions we take might never actually be enough.

I have heard a lot about ATM skimmers, but it's nearly impossible to spot one.

Most skimmers are designed to look exactly like the card slot on the
original machine and attached to the front, and others are completely
hidden inside the ATM.

A cyber security expert Benjamin Tedesco spotted an ATM skimmer that was totally

Tedesco was hanging out in Vienna and when about to draw some
cash from a cash machine outside St. Stephen's Cathedral, he decided
to do a quick visual inspection of the ATM machine and surprisingly
spotted the dodgy device attached to it.

That was a credit card skimmer – a perfect replica of the actual card
reader that was designed to steal credit card information of users
when they swipe their card to take off cash from the ATM.

"Being security paranoid, I repeated my typical habit of checking
the card reader with my hand as I have 100's of times," Tedesco
wrote in a blog post. "Today's the day when my security awareness paid off!"

Tedesco, an employee of Carbon Black firm, immediately grabbed hold
on the Skimmer glued on the top of the actual card reader and dragged
it out.
The ATM skimmer detected by Tedesco contained a magnetic strip
reader, battery, some sort of switch and a control board with the four
pin connector.

This us leaves the question- How many  ATM's have skimmers already attached.

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