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How To Get A Free US Number For SMS And Calls



How To Get A Free US Number For SMS And Calls 1
How To Get A Free US Number For SMS And Calls 2
How To Get A Free US Number For SMS And Calls 3
Getting A US Number is very easy if you know how to use it.

Note: If you use this information for the wrong reasons, NaijaTechGuy is not and will never be responsible for your actions.

To get a US Number You’ll need to Download Textnow.. Unfortunately it’s not available for Nigerians on Playstore you can still download the app from

In order to use this App you’ll need to connect to A VPN.  You can download Surfeasy VPN, Droid VPN or Tunnel Bear VPN from Playstore.

Install  any of the VPN’s then select US VPN in the app
After Connecting to the VPN network.

Open the App and Login to your Facebook account.

Once you’ve logged in. You’ll be asked for an area code.  Select an area code from

Once you’ve selected it you’ll be given a random number to use.  By default your credit bonus is $0.10.  Calls to Nigeria are charged at 4.5 cents per minute. Each country has a different price rate though. You can call and Text US and Canadian Numbers Free.

You can buy credit on the app with your debit card or earn credit by viewing ads and completing surveys. The bonus points for surveys range from  $0.02 to $0.60.

If you have any questions use the comment box

Michael Ajah is a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. He loves RnB and a little mix of Trap Music. An awesome tech reviewer and analyst

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How To Know A Smartphone With A Good Camera



How To Know A Smartphone With A Good Camera 4
There’s been a tense competition between smartphone manufacturers in the  megapixel spec race to prove that their camera is better than their rivals. We have reached  a point where even the cheap and lower-end camera smartphones are packing more pixels than they should. This has made it hard to differentiate  between the camera hardware.

How To Know A Smartphone With A Good Camera 5

The unfortunate reality is that of most of us believe that a smartphone whose camera has more megapixel takes better pictures than those with few
megapixel. However this isn’t always the case. This is because you can’t be able to note any difference in resolutiontaken by two different phone cameras, since most screens you will be viewing them on are not capable of displaying the
range of megapixels it supports.

Let’s  say that anything bigger than 8 megapixels tends to
be only helpful for cropping. What I’m saying is that a smartphone taking images of 12 megapixels  can be cropped by approximately 50 percent and its resolution will still be as high as a 4K TV.

Here are some factors to consider if you want the best of the best out of your camera.

P.S I might get into a little bit of Physics to explain these factors but don’t worry it won’t be too complex to understand

Sensor size

The Sensor size represents a lot of important values regarding the camera such as the necessary focal length, the crop factor, and its f-number. Most OEMs have that figured, leaving the only vital thing you should worry about: the light
intensity gathering properties of your camera’s sensor.

This is a bit easy to understand. A large sensor has more area for light to penetrate giving a greater capability to gather the light.

Pixel size
The pixel size comes handy in measuring how larger individual photodetectors are in a CMOS sensor. Pixel size for a
smartphone camera fits in a narrow range that’s between one and two microns or micrometers (abbreviated as µm) in either the vertical or horizontal direction. The larger it is, the more light each pixel will collect. That’s why the HTC One M8’s camera with 2.0 µm performs better than in dark conditions than the Galaxy S5 that has 1.12 µm pixels. This
is simply because the M8’s pixels are a obviously larger and can capture more light. In summary , a camera with a high pixel size tends to capture more light than that with a lower pixel size.

Aperture size

Another spec to look is the aperture size that is represented
by f divided by a number (eg. f/2.0). Since ‘f value is divided by’ the setup, this is one of the rare camera specs where a
small number produces a better image than a larger one.
The key benefit of a wider aperture is that you the camera
will take better low-light photos. This is because a wider aperture lets more light to be captured at once when taking a
picture. You should keep in mind that a smaller number means a wider aperture.

Image Stabilization.

Image stabilization is either listed as OIS or EIS. This means Optimal Image Stabilization and Electronic Image

OIS technology means that the camera sensor moves physically to compensate for unexpected shaking while holding your smartphone. If you are walking when you are recording a video, for example, the steps you take shake the
camera. However, OIS ensure that the sensor remains steady even if the rest of your smartphone shakes.

Unfortunately the downside of the OIS is that the hardware required tends to be
costly and takes up the previous space, hence it is not included in many smartphones . Instead, most smartphones use EIS to try and achieve the same effect. EIS works by stretching, cropping, and changing perspective on individual frames which make up a video.

In general, it is much better to have a camera that is running OIS since stretching and cropping can reduce quality or create a ‘Jello effect ’ in videos.

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3 Ways To Manage Your Smartphone Storage Space



There’s nothing worse than when your phone memory is full and you don’t know what to delete especially when you don’t have any SD card.

3 Ways To Manage Your Smartphone Storage Space 6

There was a time 4GB of space meant a lot of space but as we moved into
a new generation of smartphones, aspects such as the camera, video quality, apps, and file sizes has increased dramatically.

Android Chapter 7 vs 7 : Verily I say unto you, brethren ‘ Any Android device with a storage capacity less than 16GB is an abomination, so I advise you to flee’

Here are a few ways that can help you to free up space on your Android smartphone and reclaim those valuable gigs.

Why Your Device Storage Is Always Smaller Than Specified

Some people using a 128GB Android device don’t even bother about storage capacity filling up. On the other hand, the poor souls with 16GB and 8GB internal storage tend to count every single megabyte. However, you might have noticed that even in new Smartphones with 16Gb memory , the available memory is no more than 12GB.

Is there a way to get all 16GB of storage space?

The answer is no because manufacturers tend to play with numbers when it comes to providing internal storage. If you are given 16GB of storage at the rate of 1000MB = 1GB, the Android system calculates the storage using binary, where 1024MB = 1GB.

Moreover, there is around 2GB of internal storage space that the Android OS takes up, which is the heart of your device. Hence, there is no way to increase the total internal storage capacity to more than what you see in the Storage menu of the Settings app.

#1. Remove Unimportant Apps And Use Lite App Versions

Unimportant apps could be using up a fair amount of storage space that you desperately need. For instance, Facebook and Messenger uses up almost 500MB of your device storage, which can be quite the blow on a device with low memory. You can simply switch to the Lite version of the apps which use less than 3mb. Shazam, Skype and Twitter also have Lite versions.

Apart from the apps that you have installed, there are some apps that the smartphone manufacturers try to force down your throat

These apps are almost useless to the user, and brands like Samsung are guilty of this. You can find the Galaxy Apps, S Health, Flipboard and many other irrelevant apps on their devices.

If you aren’t too keen on removing these bloatware apps entirely by rooting your Android device, disabling them is the next best thing. Simply head over to the Applications menu in the Settings, navigate to these bloatware apps and use “Disable” to render these bloatware apps useless.

#2.Stream Movies Don’t Download

I know data subscription is sometimes expensive but most times discretion is the greater part of valor. Streaming a movie will save you more storage space than downloading it. The only extra data you may use up due to streaming is due to the buffer but if your Internet speed is very good you’ll only use up the exact amount you use for downloading the movie.

If you’re really concerned about your Android storage space running out, hoarding movies on your device’s internal storage won’t just take away precious space, but will slow down the system drastically.

#3 Move Your Files To The Cloud

Backing up your pictures to the cloud will save a lot of storage space.

To make things easier, Android OS offers an automatic backup in the Google photos app. From the Google Photos app, head over to the menu option and select “Free Up Space”. This screen will alert you on how many pictures have been backup up to your Google account and how many images can now be safely deleted.

Apart from photos and videos, you can back up large documents directly to your Google Drive account and access them online, without sacrificing the internal storage space. Since a single Google account offers 15GB of free storage, you can add multiple Google accounts, back up your media content and enjoy virtually limitless space.

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How To Unlock Android Pattern Without Resetting Your Phone



How To Unlock Android Pattern Without Resetting Your Phone 7
If there is one feature that must always be enabled when you purchase a new android phone, it’s USB Debugging. Simply go to Settings > Developer options to turn it on. If you can’t find it, go to about phone, tap the build number about 11 times or thereabout go back to your settings you should see developer options there.

How To Unlock Android Pattern Without Resetting Your Phone 8

Basically these 3 ways to unlock your android device needs USB DEBUGGING to be enabled in your device already. However if it’s not enabled you may have to reset your phone. if the normal reset does not work check


If you can’t gain access to your Android device due to forgetting the Voice unlock, PIN, pattern lock, slide lock or password protection then here are some methods you could employ. some of these methods will also teach you how to hack and bypass Android Password/Pattern/Face/PI

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use mtkdroidtools to run adb mode

Wipe pattern in adb  
* In adb, run the following commands


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adb devices
adb shell
cd data/system
rm *.key

* Now, remove the battery then boot the phone. 
* If presented with a lock screen, just enter any pattern and you’ll be granted access

Gesture.key removal
* In adb, type
adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key then press enter
The lock will be removed

Unlock using Google account 
If the Android device is associated with a Google account then simply supply your credentials to regain access. If mobile network data isn’t enabled then you can use WIFI. WIFI can be enabled in ABD ( *Note: USB Debugging needs to be enabled).
In ADB, type: 
 adb devices then press Enter
 adb shell svc wifi enable then press Enter

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How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone



How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone 9
Night  Photography can suck sometimes because most of the mid range and low budget smartphones that are very common actually struggle to capture images in low light situations so most people just avoid taking pictures at night. I decided to outline the important steps on how to take amazing pictures at night.

How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone 10

1# Try To Keep The Camera Steady

There’s no way you’ll get that perfect image if you’re shaking your hands like a tremor patient. To avoid blurred images just try to keep the camera as steady as possible.

You can even go for a tripod which is the best option to take perfectly sharp shots. If you don’t have a tripod then you can try placing your phone on a wall, or any other solid surface and make use of the timer button on Camera.

2# Choose An Area With Good Lighting

How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone 11

Lit up areas like street lights are good for drawing attention in dark environments. Make sure the subject is getting enough light to draw the attention. When you combine the lighting with your LED flash it should look good.  However, in some cases it may not work well.

3# Learn To Go Manual

If you want to take better images, you need to learn how to adjust settings manually – exposure , aperture etc.. The default camera app usually comes with a couple of options that’ll come in handy if you know how to use it.

How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone 12

#4  Turn On HDR

HDR recognizes different light intensities  and then tries to dynamically balance the image. In low light situations, this features competitively helps to take better shots.

#5 ISO

You might have seen this in many camera apps. This can increase the sensitivity of the camera sensor  or decreases to capture more or less light. Try to increase the value of  the ISO to increase the amount of light and details in low light situations.

How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone 13

#6  Know When To Use Your Flash

This hardware is meant to support the camera in low light conditions, however bad camera flashes can affect photo clarity. Keeping it turned off should produce better results.

#7 Set Your Shutter Speed

The speed at which your camera takes the picture is really important . The more time the camera takes to capture the images the better the details captured and the light intensity will be.

#8 Use A Good Camera App

Different camera apps process images differently and also detect images in varying ways. Try to use the best camera app of your choice for night photography and it could actually help you transform your pictures to amazing ones. I recommend using ToolWiz Photos. It comes with an extensive photo editor and camera . There are tons of features to choose from

Here are a couple of images shot on ToolWiz on a phone with a 5 MP camera . I may have added some odd filters.

How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone 14

How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone 15

#9 Use Additional Gadgets

How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone 16

Add-on lights and small OTG flashes can help to increase the quality of the default camera hardware thus producing impressive results.

#10 Don’t Zoom

Most cameras tend to look a little bit grainy when zoomed in. You need to consider the capacity of your phone’s camera. Digital zoom on some smartphones is usually pretty useless and only ruins the picture. If you have to zoom, you can try to move closer to the subject.Also, if you still need to highlight a particular object in the photo, you can crop it.

#11 Make use of Filters

Your choice of filters can either improve or ruin your pictures so choose wisely.

#12 Image Editing

A good editor will definitely improve your images. You can set the contrast, exposure, blur , effects and more. Like I recommended previously. Tool Wiz Photos will give you a proper image editing experience.

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How To Convert Pictures to Text On Android Phones



How To Convert  Pictures to Text On Android Phones 17
How To Convert  Pictures to Text On Android Phones 18

The ability to convert images to text is technically referred to as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It can be really useful whenever you need to convert a paper document into an editable, digital form.

There aren’t many OCR apps on android. Of the few that are available, Google Goggles is the most popular one. It’s entirely free and does exactly what it promises – copy text from a picture and paste it elsewhere.

Main features

Google Goggles converts an image of text to actual text that you can copy, paste and manipulate in any other way.It can translate the resulting text into many different languages.It can recognize business cards and add them to your Android device as contacts. This whole process just takes a single tap.

Google Goggles cannot precisely be described as a perfect OCR app, but it delivers quite well. It converts any image into copyable text. You can then paste this text into a document editor, your email app, your note-taking app, SMS, or just about anything else. It easily recognizes business cards and automatically adds the details to your contacts. It’s also able to translate text into tons of languages.

Other OCR Apps

There aren’t a lot of competitors to Google Goggles on the Android marketplace. The second best app that you can use to convert images to text is ScanDoc Document Reader. This scanner channels the resulting text into many apps on your device, with just a single click. Unlike Google Goggles, though, the app doesn’t perform well when it comes to doing everything it promises to do since there are occasional failures sending the text to apps such as Dropbox (at least for us). They’ll probably fix these bugs but it also isn’t free. The interface also doesn’t come across the board as intriguing. However, if you find that Google Goggles isn’t precisely what you want, ScanDoc might work for you.

Google Docs is also equipped with an OCR feature that works pretty much the same. The main advantage of the Google Docs OCR feature is that it recognizes line breaks, which makes the resulting text presentation much more enticing. But since it’s part of Google Docs and not really a specific-OCR app, it doesn’t have as much versatility as the other apps described above. It saves text directly to Google Docs, so if you need the text elsewhere, you’ll have to manually copy and paste.

There’s also a selection of document scanning apps available on Android, but these are not truly OCR. Rather than convert text on a picture into editable text, most of them turn it into a PDF document. That means you have no capacity to edit the text or use it with any of your other apps such as SMS and any document editors. However, this can be a useful functionality if you’re looking to capture details and email them in the form of PDF. CamScanner is just about the most awesome document scanner there is for now. You can send the resulting PDF to multiple apps, including Google Docs and Dropbox.

Another decent app is Document Scanner, which lets you use the OCR capabilities of Evernote and Google Docs, but isn’t quite as fast or effective as Goggles.

How To Convert  Pictures to Text On Android Phones 19
A Screenshot from Facebook converted to text
How To Convert  Pictures to Text On Android Phones 20
Handbill converted to text
How To Convert  Pictures to Text On Android Phones 21
The app didn’t really work well on hand written text, however I believe it may work on some individuals Handwriting
I decided to Test Out Google Goggles App.

And it’s works pretty well.  Now you can easily copy things from an already typed document without retyping it.. No stress..


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How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone



I’ll be frank with you, Night pictures are actually very amazing if you know how to take them. It could be a selfie or a group picture.

How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone 22

It takes a good phone with a very impressive camera to take high quality pictures at night but sometimes there are errors that make the image seem blurry. In this post, I’ll be giving you 7 tips on how to take better pictures at night with your smartphone.

1. Turn On HDR

How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone 23

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This feature helps to recognize different light intensities inside the frame and then dynamically balances the whole output. In low light scenes, this feature helps to take better shots.

#2 .ISO
How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone 24

It’s quite possible you’ve seen this in your camera app but you don’t know what it does.
By setting the level of this feature, the sensitivity of the camera sensor increases or decreases so it tends to capture more or less light. Try to increase the value of ISO to increase the amount of light capture and details in low light conditions.

#3. LED Flash Light
How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone 25

This hardware supports the camera in low light conditions. However, in most cases, the light from the bad camera flashes of smartphones interacts with the photo clarity. Keeping the flash turned off should produce better results unless the place is entirely dark.

#4.Shutter Speed
How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone 26

The speed the camera takes the picture with is also a really important factor. The more time the camera takes to capture the images the more will details will be captured and the light intensity will also be generally good.

#5. A Good Camera App

There are different camera apps and they process images differently and also they detect the images in varying ways. Try to use the best camera app on your phone for night photography and it could actually help you transform your shots into great ones.

#6. Use Additional Gadgets
How To Take Better Pictures At Night With Your Smartphone 27
Small OTG flashes could actually help intensify the quality of the default camera hardware by producing great image results. There are portable flashes, Lights ,OTG dispersers and more accessories and gadgets available for smartphones

#7.Image Editing

This should be the last resort but believe me this actually works. Sometimes the camera of some devices capture good details in low light conditions but due to low image processing technology, those details may not come out as sharp images. The image editing here helps a lot to process the details from the images clicked in low light conditions. I recommend ToolWiz Photos for photo editing.

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How To Track Down A Newbie Hacker



How To Track  Down  A Newbie Hacker 28
Tracking down a hacker isn’t very easy .You have to be smart and when i say smart , i mean very smart.
High class hackers are hardly caught because they keep their identity hidden, however i won’t go into
that now. Low class hackers are those that simply hack your site because there was a security flaw in your
system. i’ve searched around the net, the hackers here in nigeria are very dumb , if i must say.

They want to show off that they just hacked a site ,and put their email addresses ,facebook usernames and
even  their facebook pages so  that webmasters can easily contact them and  pay some money
to regain their sites back. I released a list of those who hacked the inec site  during the elections but
i later deleted it since i got many calls pleading with me to remove it. I removed the post from my site for
reasons best known to me however the post still exists on

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There are many ways to track down a hacker however i’m only going to drop the easiest methods as
the other methods are very complicated.

How To Track  Down  A Newbie Hacker 29



This is all about taking time to think and analyse every part of the hacked site and
determine how best to track down the hackers. If there is an email address. Google the
email address and check other sites where they have been used. there is 80% possibility that
the email has been used else where. It might appear on  reappear on websites or forums or youtube comments.
If it pops up on facebook then you are 75% close to knowing who hacked your site.

Youtube comments and forums give you a hint of who the hacker might be.
Let’s assume [email protected] hacked your site and dropped this email.
Go to google and search for [email protected] and see what it brings up.
Don’t be deceived when you track down a hacker on facebook and his location shows it’s indonesia or
any other country, it’s just a way to deceive you.

Hackers use funny but deceptive names. You might see Something like Discr33tH8xor or H33TM8N,V3CT0R, as the name of the hacker shown on
your site . If you google it and nothing comes up just decrypt it.



depending on where it is used.

If there is something like fb.m3/discr33th8xor type on google then search. if nothing comes up then decrypt it.

To be sure that it’s a hacker that you’ve detected go to his photos and review the pics there. You must see hacking related pictures and if you come
across any hacking related image and he tags some certain people compare the names written on your blog to those he tagged. There’s a possibility that it might

Unless the hacker hid his friends, go to his friends list and check the top 5 peole on his list. Facebook algorithm works in a way that those you interact with
most appear at the top of your list. Hackers interact more with hackers. If that’s done then you’ve caught the hacker.


This method is not effective most times because people can change their ip. A hacker with a Nigerian Ip like 45.345.789.908 can easily change to 193.087,786 which might be a us or
canadian ip. all you have to do is to check the last time a page in your site was accessed and check the last time your blog was loaded by an ip before it went down.I hardly use this service but it’s worth
a try . the ip that reoccurs most is probably the hacker. to use ip tracking services just type ip trackers on google ,select your preferred service and follow their setup instructions carefully.

f33l fr33 to 8sk 8ny qu3stion. Decrypt that …

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