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From 3G to 4G LTE – What Lies Ahead For Nigeria?



From 3G to 4G LTE -  What Lies Ahead For Nigeria? 1
Recently MTN, GLO and Etisalat Upgraded their Network Services to 4G LTE . You’ve heard,  probably seen it plastered across
billboards, and  read about it on your cellphone . But the question remains,   what is 4G LTE, and how do its speeds and coverage compare to other 3G and 4G networks?

A History of 3G and 4G

In order to understand what LTE is–beyond “a really fast network”–
we have to take a  little step back in time.
When the 3G, or 3rd generation, standard was the best thing in
the early 2000s–it made accessing the internet on your phone
significantly faster and more convenient.
3G is required to meet IMT-2000 (International Mobile
Telecommunications-2000) technical standards, which means
a peak download rate of 200 Kbps, or 0.2 Mbps. This will obviously
seem slow to you now, but at the time, it was enough to get your email in a timely fashion.

So logically, the next step after 3G–the third generation of
wireless mobile communications technology–would be 4G, or
the fourth generation. The the ITU Radiocommunications
Sector (ITU-R) set some requirements as to what would
constitute a 4G network: it must provide peak 100 Mbps
downloads if you’re using a mobile device such as a phone or
tablet.  Stationary devices, such as mobile hotspots,
should be able to provide peaks speeds of 1 Gbps.

In  recent years, 3G has really made some admirable advancements. High Speed Packet Access (HSPA), for example, can give
theoretical speeds up to 7.2 Mbps, and is often called 3.5G
or Turbo 3G.

Then came 4G, in the form of Evolved High Speed Packet
Access (HSPA+), and Long-Term Evolution (LTE). Only HSPDA+ was marketed as 3.75G while LTE
was marketed this as “4G”, even though both didn’t meet the
ITU’s standards–neither reached that 100 Mbps download rate.

LTE, however, wasn’t just another improvement of 3G. It
was meant to be more of an umbrella term given to the
technologies designed to get us to the 4G standard. In other
words, it’s what 4G will be be when the technology evolves
enough to provide those speeds. It’s 4G-Eventually.

Despite the high standards they set earlier , the ITU-R decided that mobile
carriers could market LTE (and HSPA) as 4G , since they represented a significant improvement over 3G and paved the way for true 4G speeds.

How LTE Stacks Up in Speed and Coverage

Okay, I’m done with the history lesson. Let’s tackle the
question that truly matters: What kind of speeds does LTE
actually offer right now? Frankly, it depends on where you are
and who you are using for your wireless service.

According to a speed test by a  YouTube Vlogger , the average MTN LTE
download speed in the is 5.5 Mbps while the global average is 13.5 Mbps. That’s far off the ideal 100 Mbps 4G
standard, but a marked improvement over old 3G speeds.
Remember, that’s an average. Your speed may be faster, or it
could be slower.

But it’s not just about speed: coverage matters too. After all,
if you never see that “LTE” icon in the menu bar of your
phone, you won’t ever get those highly-advertised speeds.
Coverage depends on your carrier. Each of the  Nigerian
carriers–MTN , GLO and ETISALAT ,–utilize
different frequency bands, which is how they separate their
signals from one another.

A frequency band is a group of
radio frequencies mobile carriers thus use to communicate
with clients.
Network coverage at lower frequencies, particularly the
700Mhz range, will provide LTE access in more locations
such as buildings and sheltered areas. In fact, in terms of
coverage–measured by how much time subscribers are able
to get an LTE signal, the top 3 carriers haven’t  reached

The Future: LTE Advanced and 5G

That’s the present. So what does the the future hold ?
Mobile broadband speeds will no doubt continue to advance and gain
speed. LTE Advanced is the new standard some companies are hyping, which promises to finally deliver “True 4G” speeds.

So basically, LTE Advanced is what 4G was supposed to be all along.
5G , meanwhile, will be the next logical step up from 4G. As
you might guess, 5G stands for fifth generation, and is
supposed to promise speeds up to 10 gigabits per seconds–
enough to download a full HD movie in mere seconds.

Unlike LTE, which occupies lower frequency bands, 5G
can occupy both lower frequency bands and ultra-high bands.
Using these higher bands means 5G won’t travel as far as 4G
LTE and will need to be throttled to make it practical to a
wide audience.

None of this matters much at this point however, as the technical standards are still being worked out and won’t be finalized until 2020.
For right now, 4G LTE is good enough for the vast majority of
mobile users, and will be for some time. Logically, if or when
True 4G or LTE Advanced becomes the norm, it will suffice for
a time while mobile providers roll out 5G and so on.

Considering how long it took the top network providers to upgrade to 4G LTE.  I don’t know when Nigeria will get to 4G LTE Advanced or 5G.  However most people still fear that once there’s a drastic increase in people using 4G enabled smartphones,  the speed would reduce.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed and leave the top OEMs to decide.

Michael Ajah is a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. He loves RnB and a little mix of Trap Music. An awesome tech reviewer and analyst. Email - [email protected]

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2 Best Ways to Extend your Data Plan

Isaac Godwin



2 Best Ways to Extend your Data Plan 2

2 Best Ways to Extend your Data Plan 3

If there’s anything you need more aside from food, then it’s probably data.

Civilization has gotten more digital than ever, tech has rapidly evolved – so as apps. And regardless of what uses these apps provide, most of them need our mobile data to run efficiently.

2 Best Ways to Extend your Data Plan 4

Mobile networks are aware of these, and the cost data is obviously getting less expensive than it was. Thankfully, no matter what part of the world you’re in, there’s always a data plan for everyone.

But still, there is still a way to get the most out of your data plan without unnecessary usage that you might not even be aware of.

Now forget what similar articles you might have seen before, if you follow these two simple tips, you’ll definitely notice change in your data exhaustion rate.

1 • Turn off Apps Background Data

As simple as this may seem, a lot of individuals don’t even know this. Turning off background data for some certain apps can save you a lot of money not just data only.

Reason is, some apps use your data even if you don’t have them open. It all happens in the background.

Here’s how to turn off apps background data.

2 Best Ways to Extend your Data Plan 5
First, go to Settings, then to Apps

Click whichever app you don’t need background data

Below the app details, click data usage

Click on the toggle beside the background data

And Voila!

You can do these for as many apps you wish not to use your data unnecessarily in the background.

2 • Install Datally

Datally is another app from Google with the initiative of conserving more data for its Android users. The app is lightweight, its latest version is just little above 5MB.

2 Best Ways to Extend your Data Plan 6
Adding to this, it comes with a bunch of useful features like data saver that allows you to block data background usage or unwanted notifications from apps with ease, and also a detailed statistics of your data usage.

My favorite feature is the Bubble that gives real-time data usage of the app you’re using at that moment

2 Best Ways to Extend your Data Plan 7
One tip though (more like an advice), if you’re at any point managing data stay far from YouTube. But if you still have the itch to watch youtube video, go for the lite version of the app, YouTube Go. Because I heard some people only get their senses back with the “your data is remaining 100MB” message. 🙄

Okay that will be all for now. If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to assist.

Thanks for reading, hopefully I’ll see you in the next post.

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These 10 Stunning Photo Concepts Will Give You A Lot To Think About 8
These photos were sent in by a friend of mine Xperienx Visuals and these pictures mean a lot . It’s not the regular tech stuff I normally post but I thought you would love it.

These 10 Stunning Photo Concepts Will Give You A Lot To Think About 9

I was in pain and in search for Joy I found more pain, and this time it was unbearable cause I was left all alone and broken.. Had no alternatives so I turned to some ‘Pills and Portions’ which had promised to be a friend. In my lonely world, I embraced my only source of friendship so tight that I didn’t notice I was about to get betrayed.. Lost in the addictive relationship of drugs, I wondered how come I still felt so empty when I had found a friend already..

        Days of trauma and addiction ran into weeks which skipped into years, and now here I am in Chains cause I never knew I had found a friend in bondage, I never knew the So-called Pills and Portions came along with Tricks and plots to make me more miserable than I ever was…. Now, I realized that my search for Joy had led me into My END.. Oh! I made my search wrongly, spent years searching with my eyes cast with a selfish and deceitful desire that I couldn’t recognize the enemy in disguise: DRUGS..


2. The fight against drug abuse would never end until you realize the world awaits you to speak..  In a time like this when we’ve got no voice to listen to cause they all got cracked with smokes, why not be the voice that would make the change… I know maybe you’re not reading this clearly cause you’ve not really recovered from the #ONETAP you took few hours ago, but listen YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO CAUSE CHANGE, let’s save a drowning generation, let’s save a friend today.. The NO TO DRUG ABUSE BEGINS WITH YOU.. LET’S teach our youths to cultivate weed instead of digesting them in ignorance..

These 10 Stunning Photo Concepts Will Give You A Lot To Think About 10

These 10 Stunning Photo Concepts Will Give You A Lot To Think About 11

Xperienx Visualz <[email protected]>

Tue, Aug 28, 3:38 PM

These 10 Stunning Photo Concepts Will Give You A Lot To Think About 12
to NaijaTechGuy
3.  You may have taught about giving it a try, you think it feels so cool, just #ONETAP. You wish to get used to the feeling so you’ll join the #sciencestudent meanwhile you could be a #changeagent. Listen, it never feels good to be in bondage. Great destinies and dreams have been cut shut all because of a trial. In search of the groove you may end up losing yourself to the cold chains of addiction. 
       Hey, you should spell a big NO to that deceitful disaster, say a big #no to the wrong message from the Society and friends, say NO to 1st trial, cause it brings more harm. Say NO to drugs today, and live up your dreams #Tomorrow. Live right, cause your life is an epistle to many. Take a #stand today and shun
4.       In the most corrupt of systems at least one saint can always be found, but in a little time he may drown or get lost in the system if overlooked.. Even a blind man today can tell that Drug abuse has taken a large portion of the Society and trend. But, CAN THIS EVER BE CHANGED?..  This Image shows the possibility of STANDING OUT even when it seems impossible.. From the past decades we had men like Lanre Oluseye, Timi Dakolo, Samuel Dixon who went through the ghetto rivers but never got carried away with the waves of influence and trends.. 
        Can such men be raised again from this decade, When our youths get few or no mentors to look up to, When even law  students are proudly branded as #SCIENCESTUDENTS just to fit in, When pharmacists are paid to falsely prescribe Codeine and narcotics, When religious and political leaders no longer preach truth, protecting their ego and selfish interests.. THE CALL TO SHUN #ONETAP WOULD BE MERE NOISE IF WE HAVE NO NO IDOLS THESE YOUTHS CAN LOOK UP TO.. Let’s shift our focus more to the FEW DROPS yet to be moved by the wave…
         Every river was started by a drop that made waves and then ripples.. Join us share this message, you could be a mentor to a few.. Please SHUN #ONETAP AND BE THE CHANGE YOU DESIRE.. 

These 10 Stunning Photo Concepts Will Give You A Lot To Think About 15

These 10 Stunning Photo Concepts Will Give You A Lot To Think About 16

These 10 Stunning Photo Concepts Will Give You A Lot To Think About 17
6.       Have you been to prison yards before and find out how those inmates live life getting used to bondage and fear. being bound is way more than the Chains you see.. 
       17 years old David has a story that makes my eyes bleed with tears. I saw him silently crying at a corner where he hid himself, felt so burdened I made an approach. As I went closer I perceived a hard smell of Indian hemp that made me choke, I was so amazed how he managed to smoke for rolls which were lined on the floor and an extra in his hand which went off as tears and sweat soaked his hands .. I managed to take him out and spend some time with him.. I got really sober when he said in tears that for some months now he could hardly breath and he had withdrawn from school as a result.
        Young David had promised himself never to do drugs again since he silently knows the main cause of his health and academic tragedy but always falls back into burning rolls and this time in doubled dose.. He said his fear had always been accepting drugs as his addiction and weakness but Sadly it occurs to him that he is severely addicted and has slaved himself to the tyranny of this deceitful desire..  
  Tears soaked my eyes as he struggled with cough and said he had lost all hope.. But There’s always a key to every lock, and my proffered solution to every young one out there is to FEAR #ONETAP, SHUN IT AND FLEE FROM IT, cause it fit no get ending.. I ensured David that I’ll hide his identity cause he was scared his mum could see this post.. If only we knew what our young ones go through.. .. PLEASE JOIN US SHARE THIS MESSAGE, IT COULD BE NEEDFUL TO SOMEONE CLOSE.. MAYBE YOUR CHILD, MAYBE YOUR HEIR…  #SAYNOTODRUGS..
       Young Joe, grew up as the only kid from a poor family in the diobu ghetto.. As little as he was he had seen so much than I have even heard.. 😢😢.. His parents were never home, so he was left in the care of his cousin who was a core drug maniac and a severe addict for years.. Lil, Joe started doing drugs at a tender age not cause he was destined to but as a result of the INFLUENCE, BULLY and PRESSURE he faced from his pervert cousin at the absence of his parents.. 
        And now days had run into weeks, into months, into years and now the little innocent and smart Joe that was loved had now become the deadly and notorious Joe that is WANTED by the So-called Police who themselves act Nonchalant and Chaotic as a result of this DRUG ABUSE that is eating up our society, our youths and even our fathers… 
         Listen, This case is not peculiar to little Joe alone, but your child and maybe your only child may be going through this and could end up in the COLD chains of ADDICTION at your IGNORANCE.
8.     All we say is “SHUN DRUG ABUSE, DON’T GIVE IT A TRY. DON’T GIVE IT A CHANCE”.. Be a mentor to younger ones, don’t expose them to this life threatening practice..  And Please keep drugs away from the reach of children..  Please, take a #stand today and say a Bold No to DRUG.. SHARE THIS MESSAGE AND REACH OUT TO SOMEONE IN NEED.. 
9.    It’s no longer a cliché that we are fully shaped by our environment.. Children mostly retains every information seen than told..  It’s sad that we live in a society were the only thing flashed to us is several ways of practicing Drug abuse and other vices.. But, shall we sit and watch this one’s get lost to the ill influence of our society?.. 
       Why not be an example young ones can learn from?.. Why not be a source of positive inspiration to the youths?.. It’s time we take a #stand and #Show them the way..  #SHUN #DRUGS #ABUSE TODAY, AND SPREAD THIS MESSAGE TO A YOUTH AND TO YOURSELVES, CAUSE #CHANGE STARTS WITH #ME..  

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These 10 Stunning Photo Concepts Will Give You A Lot To Think About 19

These 10 Stunning Photo Concepts Will Give You A Lot To Think About 20

These 10 Stunning Photo Concepts Will Give You A Lot To Think About 21

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