Microsoft™ Proves That Google's Chrome Browser is a battery hog


Google Chrome is one of the most widely used
browsers globally with about 34.6% share on mobile
and 55.7% market share on desktop. However, Microsoft has proved that Google Chrome isn’t so
friendly with your laptop’s battery. In a recent test
carried out by Microsoft, it was shown that Google
Chrome actually has the worst battery management
capability of all popular web browsers.
Microsoft performed a test with four similar Surface
Books streaming media from four different web
browsers. The test was timed and the computer
running Google Chrome was the first to give up the
ghost after 4 hours and 19 minutes.
The next to die was the machine running Firefox
which lasted for 5 hours and 9 minutes. Opera has
been working on a battery saving feature and this
seems to be quite effective as the machine running
the browser lasted 6 hours and 18 minutes.
Microsoft Edge took the crown. The machine running
it didn’t shut down till after 7 hours and 22 minutes,
giving it about 3 more solid hours of use over Google
In another controlled lab test carried out to
measure power consumption for each of the
browsers, four identical machines running the four
popular browsers were automated to carry out
exactly the same processes like surfing the same
sites.The test also showed that Chrome, Opera, and
Firefox all consume more battery than Microsoft
Microsoft is trying to convince people to use its
browser, but apart from this great battery
management, the browser still has a lot of catching
up to do with the rest. Lack of extension is one of the
reasons a lot of people are yet to adopt it,
unavailability on mobile platforms like Android and
iOS is another.

Well it'll certainly take more than this to make me switch to edge.

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