Expected Features Of The iOS 10

As known, the next iOS update would be iOS 10. However, the
news reaching me is that the iOS 10 would make its first debut at
WWDC 2016 and of course, the release of iOS 10 would definitely
improve the experience of our iOS device with some cool features added .
According to some leaks, the full official release of iOS 10 is
scheduled for September during the iPhone 7 launch event.
Currently, what we have is just  speculations about the
iOS 10 which is sourced from Apple

So, what can we expect on the new iOS 10?


. Hiding Apps
Recently, we discovered that there are series of code integrated in
every app available on app store and this lets iOS 10 users make
use of the “Hide app” features. So, apple is trying to initiate the
ability of hiding its own app. This speculation was made known as
the coding “ isFirstPartyHideableApp ”, which is a string from the
question became a hint.

. Introduction to Dark UI
I know that most of you with a jailbroken iOS device are already
familiar with this feature. Anyway, this feature would be unlocked
for iOS 10 users, as the dark wide system UI mode is coming to
iOS 10. This concept has been on hint ever since the new dark
grey/blue color scheme used for the official WWDC '16 app.

Siri to be smarter than ever

Our personal assistant SIRI would come with revamped
functionality as per the on-going speculations. So we should
definitely expect more from SIRI. However, the Siri API would be
made available for developers as API would be introduced
alongside with iOS 10. The Siri would be the heart of Apple as per
say, and it would become handy in terms of smart home gadgets.

. Improved Touch ID with uncompromising Security
Apple nailed it here. With the improvement on Touch ID, there’s
zero tolerance to insecurity as the iOS 10 would score the security
features and it would definitely act as a direct message. You know
that after the controversy between Apple and the FBI, they still
mark their security as a top priority.

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