Download Stock Roms /Firmware For HTC Android Devices


MTK Firmwares

HTC Desire 210 Dual Sim MT6572 v4.2.2
HTC Desire 210 Dual Sim Rom (V0_DUG JB422 Asia_India_1.00.720.018)

HTC Desire 210 Dual Sim Rom (V0_DUG JB422 HTC_Eroupe_1.00.411.014 Arabic supported)

HTC Desire 310 Dual Sim D310W / 310 Single Sim MT6582 v4.2.2
HTC-D310W V1_DUG JB422 wwe_MMR

Download D310W Dual Sim Stock Rom

Download D310 Single Sim Stock Rom Arabic supported

HTC Desire 320 MT6582 v4.4.2

HTC Desire 526 / 526g / 526h [MT6582]  
HTC Desire 526g_Asia_kk 1.01.707.1 [MTK6582] Zip Password: jame

HTC Desire 526g_Europe_kk 1.01.707.1 [MTK6582] Zip Password: jame

HTC Desire 616 HTC D616h MT6592 v4.2.2
HTC Desire 616 (V3_DUG) Stock ROM 1

HTC Desire 616 (V3_DUG) Stock ROM 2

HTC Desire 616h (OTA V3_DUG Asia Stock)

HTC 616,616H Dual Asia WWE 4.2.2 [MT6592]

HTC 616 Stock Rom

HTC Desire 620 / 620h / 620G
Stock Desire 620 Full Backup Link 1

Stock Desire 620 Full Backup Link 2

HTC Desire 620 dual sim, HTC 620g, HTC 620h (A31MG_DUG_K44 Asia_India_1.12.720.001)

HTC Desire 626 / 626g / 626ph [MT6592 Key: 50JwgqBNyosaTLHB6Gjn36NHWpAGUdE6Iyfw97f1s_Q!NYgzgbCS

HTC D820S,HTC D820TS & HTC D820US MT6752 v4.4.4
Download D820ts Stock Rom

Download D820US Stock Rom

HTC Desire 820S A50ML_DTUL Asia WWE 1.10.707.002

HTC Desire 820S 0PGZ10000_A50ML_DTUL_K44 Asia_wwe_1.20.707.2

HTC Desire 816G & HTC D816h dual sim
HTC Desire 816G dual sim 4.4.2

HTC Desire 816G dual sim 4.4.2 Link 2

HTC Desire 816H dual sim 4.4.2

Desire 816H dual sim Europe Stock Rom (MT6592 arabic language support)

HTC Desire D816W 4.4.2 [MT6582]

HTC 816G Dual SIM [MT6582] asia india

HTC Desire 820G+ dual sim / HTC_D820pi
HTC Desire 820G+ dual sim

0PMG20000IMG_A50MGP_DUG_K44_SENSE53_hTC_Emea_1.12. 401.1

SPD / Qualcomm Firmwares

HTC Desire 516, HTC D516h,HTC D516w - flashable via SDcard
HTC Desire 516, HTC D516h (V2_DUG_JB 4.3 asia india 1.10.708.001)

HTC Desire 516, HTC D516w (V2 DCG JB 4.3 asia india 1.04.720.001)

HTC Desire 516, HTC D516h (Europe V2_DCG_JB43 1.07.401.001)

HTC Desire 820Q
Htc Desire 820Q A50_DTUL (Asia india cid_38 v1.01.720.2)

Htc Desire 820Q A50_DTUL_HTC_WWE_VNM_1.03.425.1 [Cid_059]

HTC Desire 500 (z4u & z4dug)
0P3ZIMG_Z4_U_JB412_SENSE50_HTC_Europe_1.34.401.1_R adio_14.16.36Q4.

RUU_Z4_U_JB412_SENSE50_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.34.707.2_Rad io_14.16.36Q4.2

RUU_Z4_DUG_JB412_SENSE50_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.27.707.2_R adio_14.15.50Q

0P3ZIMG_Z4_DUG_JB412_SENSE50_HTC_Europe_1.26.401.2 _Radio_14.15.50

HTC Desire 326G dual sim [SPD CPU]

HTC Desire 501 dual sim 603e
PO09IMG_CSN_DUG_JB_45_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.40.707.6_Radi o_553.283.21.00

PO09IMG_CSN_DUG_JB_45_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.41.707.1_R_Ra dio_553.283.21.00

HTC Desire 600 Dual
CP3_DUG_JB_50_hTC_Asia_India_1.22.707.2_Radio_14.1 1.36Q.25

HTC Desire 700 Dual 709d,760
0P4OIMG_CP5_DWG_JB41_50_hTC_Asia_India_1.85.720.2 [cid_38]!wdI32ZrK


HTC Desire 820h Dual Sim
0PF6IMG_A50_DTUL_K44_DESIRE_SENSE60_hTC_Asia_India _1.01.720.2 [Cid_038]

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