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Download Stock Roms /Firmware For HTC Android Devices



Download  Stock Roms /Firmware For HTC Android  Devices 1
Download  Stock Roms /Firmware For HTC Android  Devices 2

MTK Firmwares

HTC Desire 210 Dual Sim MT6572 v4.2.2
HTC Desire 210 Dual Sim Rom (V0_DUG JB422 Asia_India_1.00.720.018)…

HTC Desire 210 Dual Sim Rom (V0_DUG JB422 HTC_Eroupe_1.00.411.014 Arabic supported)…

HTC Desire 310 Dual Sim D310W / 310 Single Sim MT6582 v4.2.2
HTC-D310W V1_DUG JB422 wwe_MMR…jVIxUbaUxe

Download D310W Dual Sim Stock Rom…sjerss.rar

Download D310 Single Sim Stock Rom Arabic supported…

HTC Desire 320 MT6582 v4.4.2…

HTC Desire 526 / 526g / 526h [MT6582]  
HTC Desire 526g_Asia_kk 1.01.707.1 [MTK6582] Zip Password: jame…0UP5nWKL2o

HTC Desire 526g_Europe_kk 1.01.707.1 [MTK6582] Zip Password: jame…pr4VQxNG8o

HTC Desire 616 HTC D616h MT6592 v4.2.2
HTC Desire 616 (V3_DUG) Stock ROM 1…sjerss.rar

HTC Desire 616 (V3_DUG) Stock ROM 2…sjerss.rar

HTC Desire 616h (OTA V3_DUG Asia Stock)…

HTC 616,616H Dual Asia WWE 4.2.2 [MT6592]…HY3c1E0MTQ

HTC 616 Stock Rom…lutio.html

HTC Desire 620 / 620h / 620G
Stock Desire 620 Full Backup Link 1…t=download

Stock Desire 620 Full Backup Link 2…BAsk4g6RBV

HTC Desire 620 dual sim, HTC 620g, HTC 620h (A31MG_DUG_K44 Asia_India_1.12.720.001)…sjerss.rar

HTC Desire 626 / 626g / 626ph [MT6592 Key: 50JwgqBNyosaTLHB6Gjn36NHWpAGUdE6Iyfw97f1s_Q…#!NYgzgbCS

HTC D820S,HTC D820TS & HTC D820US MT6752 v4.4.4
Download D820ts Stock Rom…

Download D820US Stock Rom…D820US.rar

HTC Desire 820S A50ML_DTUL Asia WWE 1.10.707.002…sjerss.rar

HTC Desire 820S 0PGZ10000_A50ML_DTUL_K44 Asia_wwe_1.20.707.2…4qHBKhqbbQ

HTC Desire 816G & HTC D816h dual sim
HTC Desire 816G dual sim 4.4.2…

HTC Desire 816G dual sim 4.4.2 Link 2…

HTC Desire 816H dual sim 4.4.2…

Desire 816H dual sim Europe Stock Rom (MT6592 arabic language support)…sjerss.rar

HTC Desire D816W 4.4.2 [MT6582]…QViTzj2osc

HTC 816G Dual SIM [MT6582] asia india…ZB4-EYLT1A

HTC Desire 820G+ dual sim / HTC_D820pi
HTC Desire 820G+ dual sim…

0PMG20000IMG_A50MGP_DUG_K44_SENSE53_hTC_Emea_1.12. 401.1…44_SE.html

SPD / Qualcomm Firmwares

HTC Desire 516, HTC D516h,HTC D516w – flashable via SDcard
HTC Desire 516, HTC D516h (V2_DUG_JB 4.3 asia india 1.10.708.001)…

HTC Desire 516, HTC D516w (V2 DCG JB 4.3 asia india 1.04.720.001)…

HTC Desire 516, HTC D516h (Europe V2_DCG_JB43 1.07.401.001)…

HTC Desire 820Q
Htc Desire 820Q A50_DTUL (Asia india cid_38 v1.01.720.2)…

Htc Desire 820Q A50_DTUL_HTC_WWE_VNM_1.03.425.1 [Cid_059]…

HTC Desire 500 (z4u & z4dug)
0P3ZIMG_Z4_U_JB412_SENSE50_HTC_Europe_1.34.401.1_R adio_14.16.36Q4.

RUU_Z4_U_JB412_SENSE50_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.34.707.2_Rad io_14.16.36Q4.2

RUU_Z4_DUG_JB412_SENSE50_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.27.707.2_R adio_14.15.50Q

0P3ZIMG_Z4_DUG_JB412_SENSE50_HTC_Europe_1.26.401.2 _Radio_14.15.50

HTC Desire 326G dual sim [SPD CPU]

HTC Desire 501 dual sim 603e
PO09IMG_CSN_DUG_JB_45_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.40.707.6_Radi o_553.283.21.00…Y_GIQ6YzcM

PO09IMG_CSN_DUG_JB_45_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.41.707.1_R_Ra dio_553.283.21.00…DQj6WqpzBM

HTC Desire 600 Dual
CP3_DUG_JB_50_hTC_Asia_India_1.22.707.2_Radio_14.1 1.36Q.25…

HTC Desire 700 Dual 709d,760
0P4OIMG_CP5_DWG_JB41_50_hTC_Asia_India_1.85.720.2 [cid_38]…#!wdI32ZrK


HTC Desire 820h Dual Sim
0PF6IMG_A50_DTUL_K44_DESIRE_SENSE60_hTC_Asia_India _1.01.720.2 [Cid_038]…

Michael Ajah is a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. He loves RnB and a little mix of Trap Music. An awesome tech reviewer and analyst. Email - [email protected]

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Samsung unveils the Galaxy A21s – Full specifications, features & price in Nigeria



Samsung unveils the  Galaxy A21s  - Full specifications, features & price in Nigeria 5

Samsung Electronics yesterday launched the Galaxy A21s smartphone which has seen quite a few leaks confirmed already leading to launch.

The Quad camera setup, 5000mAh and Samsung Infinity O-display are only few major takeaway from the new device

The Samsung Galaxy A-series smartphone range is the company’s plan to gain foothold in the mid-range mobile market while remaining competitive at the top tier of flagship smartphone production.

As usual, the A21s didn’t really disappoint in it’s entirety…

Samsung unveils the  Galaxy A21s  - Full specifications, features & price in Nigeria 6

Samsung Galaxy A21s Features

The Samsung Galaxy A21s features a 6.5-inch HD+ (720X1600 pixels) Infinity-O Display with 20:9 aspect ratio.

It runs Samsung’s One UI on top of Android 10. The phone is powered by an octa-core (two quad cores clocked at 2.0GHz each) processor paired with fair 3GB of RAM.

The Galaxy A21s offers ample storage with 32GB inbuilt storage though just a single option for now, it is expandable using a microSD card up to 512GB.

In the camera department, the Samsung Galaxy A21s comes with quad camera setup at the back.

The cameras include a 48-megapixel primary sensor with f/2.0 aperture, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera with f/2.2 aperture, a 2-megapixelf/2.4 depth sensor, and a 2-megapixel macro lens with f/2.4 aperture. For selfies, it has a 13-megapixel sensor with f/2.2 aperture. It also comes with an LED flash.

The phone packs a mammoth 5,000mAh battery with 15W fast charging support which is just about fair in it’s entirety too.

It comes with a rear fingerprint sensor and facial recognition technology. The dimensions of the phone are 75.3 x 163.6 x 8.9mm.

Samsung Galaxy A21s Price & Availability in Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy A21s price and availability in NigeriaSamsung Galaxy A21s will go on sale in the UK starting June 19. Price of the phone starts at GBP 179 (roughly N81,000).

The availability of the phone in Nigeria is unknown so far though with the availability of so many of their other mid-range devices in the Nigeria market, there’s no cause for alarm.

The colour options for the phone include Black, White, Red and Blue.

Samsung Galaxy A21s Quick Specifications

  • Display: 6.5-inch
  • Resolution: 720X1600 pixels, 20:9 aspect ratio
  • Network Support: 2G, 3G, 4G
  • RAM: 3G
  • Internal Storage: 32GB
  • OS: Android 10


  • Rear: Quad 48-megapixel (f/2.0) + 8MP (ultra-wide, f/2.2) + 2MP (depth, f/2.4)+ 2MP (macro, f/2.4)
  • Front: Single 13-megapixel f/2.2 (LED flash)
  • Features: Picture, video, panorama, HDR


  • Type: Non-removable
  • Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Fast charging: Yes, 15W


  • Fingerprint scanner: Yes, rear mounted
  • Facial recognition tech

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Here’s how Huawei hopes to launch a ‘new’ smartphone with Google Services



Here's how Huawei hopes to launch a 'new' smartphone with Google Services 7

Without mincing words, if you are using a Huawei mobile smartphone, you can not get access to any Google services whatsoever, meaning, you possibly are going to face tremendous odds.

You’re on your own! Lol

Here's how Huawei hopes to launch a 'new' smartphone with Google Services 8
Huawei was blacklisted by the US government back in May 2019 over alleged national security concerns. As such, the Chinese OEM lost access to Google for its new phones, causing a major plunge in international sales.

More than a year later, Huawei has still been trying to get back to normal but with so much struggle. Well, it seems a new strategy is reportedly in place now.

What has happened since the Trade Ban?

If you can remember well, the P30 series launched early 2019 was the last bunch from Huawei right before the company was banned from doing business with Google. This, of course, was alongside other American companies but the focus seemed was obviously on that one scenario.

Many external claims after the launch of this device have also solidified the decision ruling Huawei from using Google services on their future devices.

A certain anonymous photographer also mentioned how Huawei used a pre-existing image of the moon to cook up fake real-time images of the moon when Huawei P30 Pro users exceed the 10x zoom level.

Total photographic chicanary!

Huawei plans on releasing new P30 edition

Though, this discovery wasn’t totally proven, we all know this didn’t help the Huawei fight against the trade decision ban at all.

New flagship line-ups, the Mate 30 and P40 did launch early this year without Google apps but wouldn’t really be classified as “successful” when it comes to sales.

As much as one can still download apps through APKs, you miss out on a lot of benefits like timely updates and the seemles transition between Google services say Gmail and the Play Store.

In fact, most of the Google apps you would actually need cannot even be installed in any way.

A phone without Google services had been predicted to be the start of Huawei’s nightmare and deep down, it has not been that smooth for the Chinese tech giant.

Even if Huawei user have been urged to use apps from the Huawei App Galary and also the promise of a custom “Huawei Mobile Services”, nothing sure beats that stock Android feeling.

Huawei releases Mobile Services

However, news coming from Huawei’s own German-language site, Huawei Central, imply that a “new” flagship phone will soon be launched packing Google apps.

Which begs the question. How in the world could Huawei evade the Trade Ban to launch a smartphone packing Google services? Which logically is quite impossible! But there’s a catch.

How Huawei ‘could’ launch new smartphone with Google services

Spotted at the terms and conditions section for an impending list of P30 phones. Among them is one “P30 Pro NEW EDITION”, which as far as we are concerned, has never been unveiled.

Huawei hopes to use this loophole to launch a new smartphone logically bypassing the Google services ban.

However, you should note that none of these claims has been confirmed by Huawei.

Earlier this year, the P30 Lite saw a ‘New Edition’ launched with more RAM and storage than the original. But what the company really wanted was to relive the past old days of having a new phone with Google services and remaking older devices seemed to be the only way.

So, just maybe, Huawei will be doing the same with a high-end model that was considered to be one the most popular in 2019.
The main question would be what specifically would be upgraded with this P30 Pro “new edition” if it is actually in the works.

What happens if Google decides not to legalize Huawei pushing out Android updates for existing phones? So many questions, yet few answers.

Additionally, it is not clear how long this tactic of renewing older devices and fixing Google services right in them will really work for Huawei but for now, it seems the company is making the most of that loophole.

However, as the future of China’s front-ranking mobile phone brand, Huawei has already become uncertain with thousands of its existing customers and is in no doubt losing that accolade real quick with fellow Chinese manufacturer – Xiaomi already lurking in the background.

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