My Mobile Phone Story


Mobile devices are becoming an inevitable

part of our lives. This is just an opinion poll. You can list out how many devices you've used in the comment box.. To make it interesting I'll add mine with Pictures. And How it got spoilt. Hehe

I arrange it chronologically..

Nokia 1110

My faithful Nokia 1110.. Used this when I was in primary school. I used to Enjoy Snake Xenzia like Hell..The phone never got spoilt.. Still in my drawer till date.

Samsung SGH-X480

The phone was great but how it spoilt eventually sparked my hatred of Samsung phones. I was playing games with the phone. It slipped of my hand and fell on the floor. "Na so I pick my phone, the screen don turn white, I no fit cry"(I picked my phone and the screen had turned white) . Sorry for the stunted pidgin.. Next Up

Nokia 3310

The Indestructible Nokia 3310. I also used this during primary school. The weight used to almost drag my shorts down but I still managed to use it. My favorite games then on the phone's was Space Impact. It fell from a two storey building and nothing happened to it.. It's still in my drawer though next I got

Motorolla C113

A really Crazy Phone. The phone was very popular back then. I Used it for some months.. I think the battery got spoilt and I wasn't ready to get a replacement so I dumped it.. Next was

Motorolla v70

I was intrigued by the design. I almost misplaced the phone where I went to play football. I went back and picked it up
Can't remember much about the phone.
I think the battery got spoilt too..

Nokia 5200(Chinese Variant)

The phone was great, compared to other China phones. The only bad part was that I couldn't play any games with it. Just Internet and media stuffs. Since it was a Chinese model I couldn't find the battery anywhere.
I dumped it.

Nokia C1

Popular Nokia C1. The Nokia C series got everyone then. I got a C1. I turned the phone to my mobile computer. I could modify apps , minimize applications and hack people's Bluetooth with the phone.. I never wished to part with the phone. Eventually, I lended it to a friend and he never returned it.

Nokia 2700

I did the same thing I did to my C1 on this one. How it got spoilt.. Well, we all know African parents and their issues.. My dad smashed the phone.

Nokia 5200

After I got a 5200, i had to be extra careful with this one to avoid smashing, I pretended I didn't have a phone. This phone was the turning point of my career. I designed my first website with the phone. A wapka site actually. That started my entry to the world of Web Development and design.

Tecno L3

I was very keen on getting an android phone, so my dad got me this as a replacement for my smashed 2700. I was feeling high when I got the phone. I continued my website design till I decided to upgrade. I left wapka to blogger and pitched my tent there. My experience with wapka made blogger very easy for me to handle. The phone fell many times but nothing happened to it apart from a small crack . I later sold out the phone.

Tecno H3

Nice Phone - Fell Off my hand and the screen broke to pieces.. I had to sell the phone in that state.

Tecno P5

Someone I know stole the phone. I just left it for him.

Gowin A2

I decided to switch from tecno to Gowin. The phone was sleek and I loved the design. Someone pushed a table and the screen broke. I later gave a friend to fix the phone, after the phone was fixed it couldn't detect network unless I was near a mast . I was like "make I go live on top mast ni?" . I got disappointed and sold the phone.

Blackberry Q10

I didn't do much with This device. I gave it out to someone.

Tecno H5

Rushed back to Tecno, I got a H5, tweaked the Imei started enjoying Glo BIS like hell.. I later sold the phone.


Obi SF1

Blogging pays off, I received this from Obi Worldphones. I made a sponsored post on my blog for them and got the phone. The phone is really nice.

Nokia 105

My faithful Nokia torch.. I'm using it now as well.

I've used 16 mobile phones. And I'm just 18. I started using mobile devices at a very young age..

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