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Please can you tell us about yourself?

I Am Samson K John. I'm Studying Entrepreneurship/ Business Management.
And I'm also working in a Oil and Gas Firm

That's Good To know. Which University if I may ask ?

National Open University

I discovered that you're also a blogger. Can you tell us what your blog is about and what inspired you to start blogging?

Its a health blog and health is wealth. I enlighten people on basically natural ways they can maintain there health

Okay. Coming to the area of telecommunications. Recently NCC Approved Ntel To Provide Network services to Nigerians but so far it seems that nothing has been put in place. The only proof we have is a screenshot from Ntel. What's your message to Ntel and NCC on how this problem can be resolved?

NCC is responsible to checkmate the activities of telecom industries. For Ntel, I just feel they are just trying to create awareness, get people's attention and opinion on what they are about to offer, before they proceed. I also feel the awareness is being deceiving and not precise, because the only means of contact to them as far as I'm concerned is just some kind of cheap website, no office address , no telephone number and they are asking customer to get there sims registered.

An article was published on some blogs about the data plans for Ntel. It was said that customers would have to pay N9000 for monthly data services. Given that Ntel is a 4G network, would you say that the cost is too high or low?

Well it depends, for companies and for business environment its cheaper, since they are assuring a very fast network and unlimited data, then its ok. But for individuals and personal use, its a No No .

Most companies are already making use of Smile and Spectranet which provide reliable 4G services. Do you think Ntel can compete with any of them to convince companies to switch over to their network?

Only if they are cheap and more affordable
Nigerians prefer Tested and Trusted Products , so as a new TC they need a lot to convince their customers. the TC industry is now a big competitive market. And with this their Tariff, I think they are trying to meet up with the market instead of controlling the market with something more attractive and affordable, just like how Etisalat did when it arrived

After MTN blocked simple server which made users have access to up to 5gb daily, They lost about 2.1 million subscribers. So Do you think Nigerians are over dependent on Data Cheats instead of normal data plans?

(laughs)You know Nigerians like awoof, they want the cheapest of the best. Especially in these hard times. Especially when the world now is on a social system where everyone does almost everything on their phone, and you need data for all these. Bbm, facebook, whatsapp, 2go, browsers and others. And if a person has all these apps in 2 different phones. Definitely he will be looking for something more affordable
Especially now that phones are cheap
Let mtn just give something more affortable, and I noticed there data rate is the most expensive

Which data plan are you using now?

I use MTN on my blackberry phone and Airtel on my android phone.

Currently in Nigeria we are having several problems in our economy. The Japanese economy is driven by technology and the yen is performing quite well in the foreign exchange market. So If Nigeria becomes a Technology Driven economy will our economy improve?

Technology in Nigeria, well Nigerians are very intelligent people, if we are well equipped we can even create a human being . So, to an extent it will, but the only solution for our economy is agriculture, and mineral resources. Which add to our GDP, unlike the 3%, we gain when majorly focused on Oil. And now that the worth has drastically reduced in the international market. Our best option is agriculture and development of natural resources. So we can become a Manufacturing country that feeds other nations, rather than a consuming country that depends completely from other nations

2014 can be said to be the year when sales of devices running on the Android OS plummeted to an all time high. So far which Android phone model do you think is the best currently In Nigeria. When it comes to terms of durability and affordability?

As far as I am concerned, the chinese made phones took over from last year till date. Like infinix, Tecno, Xiaomi, innjoo and other more. They took over the android phone market because they are durable, affordable and they have a device for every price to suit every consumer. Just like me I use infinix note pro. I've never had any issues with it for like 8 months now. And about 60% of the people in my office use infinix among other phones they have

Okay, Is there any message you wish to pass across to other Nigerians.?

Well nothing much, I'll just say, please don't run away from your country yet. The best is yet to come. And In God we Trust

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