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Introducing The Smart Mirror – The Latest Model



Introducing The Smart Mirror  - The Latest Model 1

Smart mirrors are not new but someone has brought
something rather interesting to the table. If you can hail
a cab while dressing up in front of your mirror, then
this sounds like a Tech Gadget that should go on sale very
soon. Ryan Nelwan is a software engineer who seems
to have built a smart mirror with features never seen
before on previous builds.
The reflective touchscreen shows information you
would expect a smart mirror to display which
includes weather and time, but it does way more
than this. This is actually a mirror you can interact
with, according to the developer. This is a mirror that
recognizes multi-touch and gestures.

Ryan has been able to make the mirror play music,
adjust home temperature and right from the mirror,
he demonstrated hailing an uber cab.
The mirror is also capable of launching some apps. In
the video he posted, there’s absolutely no word on
how the smart mirror works and the technology
behind it and this puts some doubt on its credibility.

The Developer said he would be posting updates about the mirror
dev on Twitter and I really look forward
to seeing that.