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on was a cold morning, the sound of three successive gunshots woke Jeremy up.

It was the year 1948, The town was just recovering from the ruins of the
Second World War. Everywhere looked bright ,Alarmed at the sound of the
shots, Jeremy slowly peeped through the window, it was broad daylight
or what it seemed to be but what he saw was just the beginning of his
nightmares. He took a quick glance at his six year old brother James,
the young lad was sleeping soundly with a smile across his little face.

“He doesn’t really know what the world is like  “, Jeremy thought. He decided to look through the window again.
The flying Pirate Ship he had seen earlier had just disappeared and
everywhere turned dark. He looked at the old wall clock hanging on the
wall, it was 2.30 Am.

He went back to his bed but he couldn’t sleep. He had heard mysteries
about the souls of lost pirates flying through the town every night
looking for a long lost treasure. There was also a myth that whoever set
eyes on the pirate ship would be captured and never seen again.

” No it can’t be , I can’t believe those silly stories, I can’t let my
mind play tricks on me . I think I’m just dreaming .. “, he mumbled to

Suddenly, He heard footsteps and the person seemed to be coming closer
to his door with every step. It was only his brother that was in the
house with him. He was terrified, the clock which had shown 2.30 AM a
few minutes ago was now showing 12.30 AM.

Then It Happened!!..

To be continued next week

Michael Ajah is a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. He loves RnB and a little mix of Trap Music. An awesome tech reviewer and analyst. Email - [email protected]

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How To Compare Phones And Check Prices Before Buying



How To Compare Phones And Check Prices Before Buying 1

Hello guys, I’ve been a bit slow in updating this part of the blog and it’s because I’ve been working really hard to add a How To Compare Phones And Check Prices feature.

How To Compare Phones And Check Prices Before Buying 2

How To Compare Phones

I just added a price and spec comparison feature to this blog. You can compare phone specs and prices then buy it if there’s a link to the store available in the option. –

I normally go to e-commerce stores and pick out the lowest prices so you get the best value for your money.  Regular blog post updates would resume immediately.

Thanks for being an amazing reader.

Click Here To Compare Prices And Specs

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Combo VPN MTN Settings: Browse For Free On MTN Using This New Setting



Combo VPN MTN Settings: Browse For Free On MTN Using This New Setting 3

Combo VPN MTN Settings allow you to browse for free on the MTN Network. We all love free data and of course, there’s a reason why it’s not too common, that’s why I’m here.😀

Combo VPN MTN Settings

To give you information on free and affordable data plans so you don’t get ripped off by our internet service providers. So without further ado let’s get down to business.

Combo VPN MTN Settings For Browsing Free

What You’ll Need

  • An MTN sim without data
  • Default MTN APN settings
  • An Android Phone

First Download Combo VPN Here – Download Combo VPN

  • Open the app, then tap on Combo Settings and configure this way.
  •  Turn on Stealth Tunnel
  • Connection protocol – TCP
  •  Connection Port – 443
  •  Turn on the switch for Connect via parent proxy
  • Edit and set parent proxy as and 8080 as port
  • Turn on the switch for Custom TCP/http header
  • Edit Custom TCP/http headers
  •  URL/host:
  • Request method: CONNECT
  • Injection method: Normal
  • Tick keep-alive and user-agent
  • Press Generate and Validate and Save.
  • Save all settings and Connect

    This works without data or Airtime 0.0k on your MTN line and it is capped. It is capped around 50Mb to 100Mb daily. It renews daily.
    If it stops, simply open the Combo app again and change URL/host to
    If you are an mpulse user and you have mpulse data, then open the Combo app again and change the URL/host to

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