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Mystic OS Version 5 For Gionee M2 And P4



Mystic OS Version 5 For  Gionee M2 And P4 1
Mystic OS Version 5 For  Gionee M2 And P4 2

Mystic OS Version 5 For  Gionee M2 And P4 3
All screenshot Here Check out
mystic Os v5

Features and changelogs 

– Marshmallow platlogo with game
– Android version 6- 0 (fake)
– Android M bootanimation
– Android M sound
– MysticOS boot logo
– Pre rooted & busybox installed
– Added ABS tweak
– Framework themed
– Framework animations
– L lockscreen 
– Android L inspired recent
– Lollipop Status bar icons 
– Android L notification panel
– Dialer themed like lollipop
– All other apps themed
– Cm12- 1 app icons
– Nova material default launcher
– Cm12- 1 Music player and AudioFX
– Ota updater 
– Task manager
– 4 Ways reboot option
– Screen record in power menu
– Expandable volume panel
– Delete button after taking ss
– Clear all recent
– Floating buttons in Calendar and mms
– Logo in About MysticOS & Mystic settings
– Partition info
– Changelogs in About MysticOSMysticOS
– Smart gestures
– ListView Animations
– Toast Animations
– Media Scanner on boot
– Custom progress bar
– Scrolling animation
– CLock widget
– Weather settings in notification drawer
– Ram bar in recent panel
– Gesture Anywhere
– Battery styles
– Battery bar
– 3 network traffic 

 How To Install The Rom

Boot into custom recovery (only ctr 2.2).
Use option preflash wipes.
Navigate to rom zip and flash.
Reboot and enjoy.

Raj Shekher for developing Awesome rom
Also Dipath Shah
Minhazul Islam Limon 

Stay tuned as Rom coming  for h6 and others

Michael Ajah is a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. He loves RnB and a little mix of Trap Music. An awesome tech reviewer and analyst. Email - [email protected]

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