Glo Unveils '' Free Tomorrow Plan''

Leading Telecommunications Giant, Glo has stepped up it's game by rolling out the free tomorrow plan to its subscribers. However this plan is only valid for 15 days.

1. What is the Glo Free Tomorrow promo?
Glo Free Tomorrow is a new promo which gives
unlimited free airtime to prepaid customers daily to
browse, make calls or send SMS to any network.
Whatever you use TODAY, you get it FREE
TOMORROW to browse, make calls and send SMS to
ALL networks.
2. Who can avail of the Glo Free Tomorrow plan?
All new and existing prepaid customers
3. How do I opt for Glo Free Tomorrow?
Dial *300#
4. Am I charged for opting for Glo Free Tomorrow?
Opting for Glo Free Tomorrow is Free
5. How much do I pay for calls on this plan?
Usage and Bonus are charged at the same rate of
6. What are the benefits of Glo Free Tomorrow
• Use today and get paid back your credit the next
day: 100% of whatever is spent from Main account
is refunded back to the customer the next day
• Bonus can be used for any transaction: browse,
calls and send SMSs to any local network, call popular
international destinations (USA, UK landlines,
Canada, China and India)
• No hidden conditions, no daily rent
7. What time of the day will my line be credited with
the promo bal?
Your Free tomorrow promo account is credited at
00:01 the day after usage from your Main account.
You can confirm your Free tomorrow balance by
dialing #122*8#
8. How do I check my FT bonus balance?
By dialing #122*8#
9. When does the free airtime expire?
Bonus expires at 23:59 daily
10. What can I do with the free airtime?
The free airtime can be used to browse, make calls
or send text to ANY network and to call popular
international destinations
11. Can a postpaid customer migrate to FT?
12. Which account is charged first if I have credit in
my Main account?
The Glo Free Tomorrow account is charged first and
Main account will be charged when the bonus account
has been fully depleted that day
13. How do I get free airtime the next day if I already
have balance in my
Free Tomorrow bonus account?
You’ll need to exhaust the credit in your Free
Tomorrow bonus account and use more from your
Main account in order to get bonus the next day
14. How much of my daily usage do I get back the
next day?
The total amount deducted from your Main account
on any day will be refunded to you the next day
15. Is there a rental fee on Glo Free Tomorrow plan?
16. Do I need to do anything extra before I can enjoy
the discounted
International calling rate to the popular destinations?
No. All your calls to USA, UK landlines, Canada, China
and India will be charged at 22K/s once you have
successfully migrated to Glo Free Tomorrow plan.
17. Can existing customers opt for the new Glo Free
Tomorrow plan?
Yes. Existing customers can opt for the promo by
dialing *300#
18. Will new activations enjoy this tariff and benefits
by default?
No. New activations are on a default tariff of
Infinito. New, as well as existing customers will have
to dial the USSD opt in code *300# to enjoy Glo
Free Tomorrow benefits.
19. How do I opt out of Glo Free Tomorrow plan?
By dialing *301#. By dialing this, you cease to enjoy
the daily free airtime and you are migrated to the
default plan on the Glo network, Glo Infinito, where
you call 10 frequently called numbers at 11k/s and
call all networks at 20k/s
20. If I subscribe to a data plan with N1,000 or any
other amount, will I get the
subscription amount back the next day as FT bonus?
Yes. The amount spent to purchase data plan will be
refunded to you the next day as FT Bonus
21. Can a customer who is subscribed to Glo Free
Tomorrow buy Packs such as
Biigy, IDD, Jollof e.t.c?
Yes you can. Just dial the subscription code of the
pack you want.

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