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Browse Unlimitedly On Etisalat With Smartpak And Psiphon



Etisalat has been amazingly fast and unlimited on the smartpak plan using psiphon. Here’s how it works.

=> Subscribe to the weekly Etisalat Chat 
park, which is one of Etisalat Smartpak 
packages that goes for N150 by dial 
*343*5*6# or 
=> Subscribe to Etisalat monthly Socialme 
that goes for N200 by dial *343 *6 *11# 
Note: For Socialme package, you must be on 
Easy Cliq plan. If you are not on Easy Cliq 
before dail *244 *1# to migrate to Easy Cliq 
before you subscribe for Socialme package of 
Now the Psiphon Configurations 
» First of all, Download Psiphon apk version 
from here. 

» Install it on your Android Device 

Create New APN settings On Your Phone As 
» APN: etisalat 
port: 8080 
» Save And Activate it as your default 

» Install the Psiphon, launch it and set it 
up as follows; 
» Open Psiphon handler, scroll down and tick 
Remove Port 
» Under it you will see Proxy Type , just tap 
and choose Real Host 
» Scroll down to Proxy Server and input 

» Now scroll down to Real Proxy Type and 
tap the default to select HTTP 
» under Real Proxy Server input and 8080 for Real Proxy Port 
» Then scroll down to the bottom and click 

» Immediately you click save, a pop up 
message will appear requesting to use 
Tunnel whole device, just tap on the option to 
Tunnel Whole Device and it will take you to 
the next phase 
» Choose the Option Menu 
» Under this Option menu, you will see Select 
Region, tap and select USA 
» Still on the Option menu, you will see the 
More Option tab below, tap it and then scroll 
down to Proxy Settings and tick the Connect 
through an HTTP Proxy, check the box 
» Still on the More Option, select Use the 
following settings 
» Then scroll down to Host Address and 
input and 8080 for Port. 

» Go back now to the main page of the 
Psiphon and tap the start button below, you 
will get a warning message, tick the box 
there and Ok Psiphon to run, then wait for it 
to connect, it will connect and after that just 
minimize and fire up any browser and any 
other apps. 

Michael Ajah is a Computer Science Student of The University of Port Harcourt and a Chelsea Fan. He loves RnB and a little mix of Trap Music. An awesome tech reviewer and analyst. Email - [email protected]

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2 Best Ways to Extend your Data Plan

Isaac Godwin



2 Best Ways to Extend your Data Plan 9

2 Best Ways to Extend your Data Plan 10

If there’s anything you need more aside from food, then it’s probably data.

Civilization has gotten more digital than ever, tech has rapidly evolved – so as apps. And regardless of what uses these apps provide, most of them need our mobile data to run efficiently.

2 Best Ways to Extend your Data Plan 11

Mobile networks are aware of these, and the cost data is obviously getting less expensive than it was. Thankfully, no matter what part of the world you’re in, there’s always a data plan for everyone.

But still, there is still a way to get the most out of your data plan without unnecessary usage that you might not even be aware of.

Now forget what similar articles you might have seen before, if you follow these two simple tips, you’ll definitely notice change in your data exhaustion rate.

1 • Turn off Apps Background Data

As simple as this may seem, a lot of individuals don’t even know this. Turning off background data for some certain apps can save you a lot of money not just data only.

Reason is, some apps use your data even if you don’t have them open. It all happens in the background.

Here’s how to turn off apps background data.

2 Best Ways to Extend your Data Plan 12
First, go to Settings, then to Apps

Click whichever app you don’t need background data

Below the app details, click data usage

Click on the toggle beside the background data

And Voila!

You can do these for as many apps you wish not to use your data unnecessarily in the background.

2 • Install Datally

Datally is another app from Google with the initiative of conserving more data for its Android users. The app is lightweight, its latest version is just little above 5MB.

2 Best Ways to Extend your Data Plan 13
Adding to this, it comes with a bunch of useful features like data saver that allows you to block data background usage or unwanted notifications from apps with ease, and also a detailed statistics of your data usage.

My favorite feature is the Bubble that gives real-time data usage of the app you’re using at that moment

2 Best Ways to Extend your Data Plan 14
One tip though (more like an advice), if you’re at any point managing data stay far from YouTube. But if you still have the itch to watch youtube video, go for the lite version of the app, YouTube Go. Because I heard some people only get their senses back with the “your data is remaining 100MB” message. 🙄

Okay that will be all for now. If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to assist.

Thanks for reading, hopefully I’ll see you in the next post.

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9mobile Free Whatsapp – How To Quickly Activate The New Plan



9mobile Free Whatsapp - How To Quickly Activate The New Plan 15

9mobile has just launched a new 9mobile Free Whatsapp service that let’s their subscribers use the popular instant messaging services for free.

9mobile Free Whatsapp service

This is quite interesting I must say

9mobile Free Whatsapp - How To Quickly Activate The New Plan 16

Especially when I remember the amount of data whatsapp gulps from my subscription every month.

9mobile Free Whatsapp - How To Quickly Activate The New Plan 17

Almost 4GB every month probably because I have tons of contacts and clients I need to keep in touch with. I’d say the 9mobile free whatsapp offer is actually not bad.

9mobile Free Whatsapp - How To Quickly Activate The New Plan 18

But the question is this –

Is the 9mobile free whatsapp offer totally free?

Well the answer to that is No, it’s not. You would need to have another active data bundle before you can use the free whatsapp which means your data would be subtracted for every other thing you do apart from whatsapp usage.

How To Activate The 9mobile Free Whatsapp Service

If you are a 9mobile customer, you can simply subscribe using *200*3*1#

According to 9mobile, The WhatsApp offer is certainly a novel one as it allows their customers to put their data to other uses while they enjoy chatting and bonding with friends and loved ones on WhatsApp for free.

The offer also empowers customers to promote their businesses using WhatsApp as data which would have been used up on WhatsApp can now be used for other things with the free WhatsApp offer by 9mobile..

What do you think?

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